Red man found in a green world bathed in sunshine.

Red man found in a green world bathed in sunshine.

Welcome to my home in cyberspace. In my face to face world I have an office in my home which gets good use even though I am officially retired. I have a professional background in educational administration, educational psychology (counselling), writing, photography and music.

More importantly, at least for me, I have somehow managed to stay married to a woman I proposed to the same evening we met. We have been together more than forty years and have three children and six grandchildren.

My interest in psychology began while I was a high school student and my interest and involvement in naturism began a few years before that while I was in middle school, the same time as I got my first guitar and learned how to play easy rock music in the 1960’s. My interest and involvement in meditation soon led me to Buddhism which has helped form my life and give it some balance, especially when the world got too busy. I haven’t lost the passion for psychology, naturism, meditation or music.

Sky Clad Therapy is my attempt to communicate with you and tell my story while perhaps continuing with my work as a teacher. I don’t have many answers for life other than my experience. I hope that you will ask me questions or perhaps find a way to teach me. This place will work the best when we engage with each other authentically.

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  1. Nudism, Meditation, and Jungian Psychology … This could almost be MY blog! Although there are some interesting (and significant differences). Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and for putting me in touch with a number of other interesting and provocative blogs, both on psychology and nudism.


  2. Just found your blog, having started a naturist blog of my own. I’m also in education and administration. I appreciate your thoughtful, intelligent writing.


  3. It is so neat to open a page and see someone I know!! I do feel exactly the same way about being skyclad. It is almost ethereal ❤ How wonderful to read about the history of you and your wife! that is the most touching and sentimental thing I have ever been touched by.


  4. You may be my new hero! Buddhism and therapy! I am an ordained minister who no longer serves in churches. I do operate NudistWedding.org and NudeVacationInfo.com. I have found great therapeutic value in naturism. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.


  5. Hi Sky Clad. I stumbled upon your blog via twitter. I too enjoy your well written blog. I too am a Canadian, from Newfoundland, and I can appreciate what you say about how the weather plays a huge role in our ability to enjoy nudity as much as we want. Here, in my part of the country, it’s as much of a deterrent as people’s attitudes towards nudity. But it doesn’t stop me from enjoying nude hikes whenever I can. I used to seek out trails which are very remote to minimize the chance of a ‘clothes’ encounter, but I found the amount of activity on various trails was about the same regardless of proximity to the city. So, I’ve been nude on trails which are just a few minutes drive away from the city and no problems with encounters, so far!


  6. Love reading your posts, Sky Clad. It’s so nice to hear about your enjoyment
    being nude and one with nature. Like you we enjoy our nudist life hiking, traveling and at home whenever we can. You’re recent post of Melvyn and Sandy brought the value of nudists living their life to the fullest. Life is short. Live it well. Looking forward to your upcoming posts.


  7. Dear Robert, your discription is an inspiration how to deal with a different aproach dealing with your different way of live, in this case naturism. To live your life naked as often as possible is still in modern societies, i am from germany, difficult. Thanks for this inspiration. I like to hear more. Warm regards Dieter


  8. Come visit Thailand were naturism is really growing. PhuanNaturistVillage.com is the 6th naturist venue to open as a member of Thailand Naturist Association.

    It is unique in the world in that it is owned and managed by 4 Thai sisters.


  9. Hi There!

    I found your site this morning and have been binge reading from the very beginning. I’ve enjoyed your reports from your travels, and your thoughts about naturism and society. But for a FYI, a lot of your earlier posts seem to have lost their links to their pictures.

    If you are ever in Edmonton, come join us at CottonTail Corner Naturist Beach during the summer or join us for our Naturist swims or pool scuba nights this winter!

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