Naturally Lanie – A Life More Than Modelling

You won’t see this in an art school as a life-model pose.

Like everyone, Lanie is more than just a life model for art students or photographers. We humans often forget that we are not our jobs or professions. Our careers too often impose themselves too prominently in our lives resulting in our “forgetting” just who we are as authentic human beings. We begin to believe that career defines us and is the sum total of us. Too often we see the yawning abyss beneath the level of our conscious daily lives of work and interactions with others.

A time for reflection and honouring the body and the soul.

Those of us who are lucky intuitively find the spaces and places where we can reconnect with our bodies. For, it is the body that tells us so much about what is happening beneath the layer of ego. Like Lanie, we need to find that still place where we can allow the constant chatter of the mind to be silenced. For some, that place is within meditation; for others, that place is found in nature. Within these spaces and places, we set judgement aside and simply be still, accepting what is presented.

Listening to one’s body.

I am finding it difficult to find just this place and space here in Lima, Peru. We are sharing our apartment with two other ladies who are Peruvian. As a result, I am finding it next to impossible to “dare” being bare to reconnect with my own body.  The moments are fleeting, and only when all have left the apartment. So, I take the little I am given and accept that as a gift. I breathe deep and let whatever needs to be released escape with a clearing out breath. Que sera, sera.

2 thoughts on “Naturally Lanie – A Life More Than Modelling

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  2. Dear Robert, dear Lanie, it is promising to see theat people find there place and there task in life. i totally agree that the only way to find peace in yourself is to life as you want to life, of cause not violating the life of others. To all of you amerry christmas and a happy new year.


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