Lanie and the Courage to be a Nude Life Model

An animate still life

Lanie is a life-model for art students, as well as a model for photographers in the United Kingdom. It takes a lot of courage to take up a position that doesn’t always flatter one’s sense of self, poses that are often uncomfortable when held for too long. I know that I would struggle with this hard work.

Likely, I am not as self-confident as Lanie in risking how others see me.  And make no mistake about it, this takes a lot of self confidence.

On stage with the lights creating shadows.

To be a life model, is in my opinion, similar to being an actor or actress.  The audience is focused on performance, not on the person behind the scene. The audience is studying the scene, learning to capture what they see. And surprisingly, what is seen isn’t a mirror image of what or who is to be seen.

Lanie has been gracious in allowing us into her life as an artist, a life-model artist. There is something about this woman that tells you that behind the poses is a woman who is passionate about her life and about others. I know that I am looking forward to yet another visit with this beautiful person.

6 thoughts on “Lanie and the Courage to be a Nude Life Model

  1. I’ve followed her on Twitter for awhile now and love her posts. I’ve been a nude life model here in the USA for 33 years, and I love the job. I only wish I could do it full time, but I can’t make enough at it in my current locale. So it remains a part time job as it has for me since 1984.


  2. Hello , My Name is Kevin. I am a Male Life Model in Melbourne , Australia. I Have Experienced what Laine has gone through in the name of Art. Life Modelling is a Great Experience. It is Creative , Meditive. And your level of Personal Self Esteem is out of this World. If You have no Confidence in your Body , You soon will after Life Modelling. Major Kudo’s to Lanie for sharing her Story. The Body should be seen & Admired for the work of Art it is.


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  4. My experience as a nude model taught the real difference between “nude” and “naked.” I stand exposed on a platform in the center of the room for 20 minutes at a stretch. Nudity is required. I am there to be scrutinized. I am a Nude Model. The timer rings and I step off the platform for a break; the instant my foot touches the floor I am transformed into a Naked Man. Same body, same viewers, but nakedness is now unacceptable. Convention demands that I immediately don a robe to conceal what they’ve just been studying.

    I am new to WordPress, trying to get a blog about my life in the nude up and running. But, being a bit of a luddite, I can’t quite seem to figure it out.


    • Ask and I will see what I can do to help. It basically is just writing and adding in media [photos] where wanted. Just place the cursor where you want the image, upload the image, and display at maximum 300 so that the photo doesn’t overwhelm the content.


  5. Thank you so much. My primary issue, at the moment, seems to be that I’ve somehow ended up with two pages (if that’s the right term) under the same blog title. I’d like to delete one, but can’t figure out how.

    I also have difficulty seeing what others see when they’re viewing my blog. For example, when looking at my own profile, I see it as a form in the process of being completed. I have no clue whether or not it has been published, and, if so, what it looks like.


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