A Dozen Naturist Books Found New Homes

Sunset silhouette on the way home.

As expected, I made the drive to the city while nude. I made a stop about twenty-five minutes into the journey in order to fill up the car with gas. I did put on my clothes for this but was soon nude again before pulling out of the gas station. I found two photo locations en route for my naturist photo archives. I stopped once more on the outskirts of the city in order to put clothing back on so that I would avoid any trouble for the remaining minutes to the book location.

The day in the city went well. I managed to sell twelve books in just two hours including one of my poetry books. My best expectations had been for eight books, a hesitant expectation since none of the autobiography books were included in the book signing event at Word On The Street. Once that event was done, I spent some time volunteering with the writers’ guild. It was a quiet two hours and I was finally ready to head home once I had purchased the things on our grocery list.

The above photo was taken just as the sun was setting, a silhouette that doesn’t show that I was nude. But then again, it doesn’t have to as long as I am aware of that fact. My photos are taken for me at this point in my life. They aren’t meant to prove anything to anybody else. Still, I enjoy sharing the occasional photo with others who will not find them offensive. Just like these words here, the images are snapshots of an ordinary life being lived nude when possible.



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