Planning the Skyclad Writing to Come

Touch-up painting

Today has been a long time coming. New tub and tub surround, new toilet, new sink, repaired walls, new baseboards, refurbishing the cabinet above the sink, and a host of small tasks that swirled around all of these steps in giving our bathroom a new look.

I got busy with preparations before breakfast and finished before it was time to eat lunch. Now, I am finding myself free – well at least for a short while – for some time here on the computer. That freedom will be short lived as I have to pick up a new roto-tiller for our garden, an afternoon project. When that is done, I have to winterise our small camper. I am thinking that these will be tomorrow projects. I don’t expect that I will actually till the garden for a few more weeks, so at least that is on hold.

A few thoughts on the new novel series are finding their way to the surface. I expect to begin the actual writing of the novel at the beginning of November, a time that should allow me to do most of the needed research before then. So far, this is what I have come up with:

  • One idea was to have the protagonist a man from the present time. I am leaning towards having René Beauchemin, the protagonist in both the Small Company of Pilgrims, and It’s Complicated, be the time traveller. Since I have already positioned him as an immortal because of his ability to recall his past lives.
  • A second idea is to ignore the theme of mythology and immortals, and simply have each novel in the series tell about the life and times of a family through the generations in North America up until somewhere around the near present. This parallels the first idea minus the link to the present and René Beauchemin.
  • A third idea is to have each novel be a period piece with no link from one novel to the next other than a loose chronology of history. This seems to be the most difficult, especially in trying to make it readable for a general reading audience.

If you were to think of reading a series of novels that tells the tale of Canada, and New England from 1600’s to around 1970, which of the above three approaches would be the most appealing. I look forward to your comments.

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