National Be Nude Day in the UK

National Be Nude Day in the U.K.

Well, I’m not exactly even close to being in the U.K., but I am doing my best to be a supportive, distant cousin of sorts. I took this photo moments ago after returning from a book-signing event at another Chapters book store. Fourteen books sold which puts me over 110 paperback books sold in 2017 to date. Needless to say, I am pleased with the result, and even more pleased to be able to celebrate with being skyclad outdoors even though it is overcast and cool. The rain held off so that I could enjoy the time I found for myself to be nude while away from my home.

The moment to be nude outdoors didn’t last long as the skies broke and the rain began to fall. Still, it wasn’t all disappointing as I got nude indoor time. Tomorrow I likely won’t be so lucky as I will spend at least seven hours on the road and six hours in another bookstore before returning to my home and my normal life that is mostly lived while nude.

3 thoughts on “National Be Nude Day in the UK

  1. Whether you are in U.K. or outside, everyday seems to be a “be nude day” to you.
    I’m hoping that, in near future, everyone will celebrate “be non-nude day.” Nudity will be a common lifestyle then..


    • Well, most days are nude days for me. I must hasten to add, that the nudity isn’t a 24/7 scenario. I just take advantage of the moments which present themselves so that I don’t get into legal trouble, or relationship trouble with family, friends, and neighbours.


  2. SK Mondal, I see your point. I do think, however, that I might be one of those who don’t join that particular celebration, unless there comes to be more than 365 sunny days in the year. I’m going to continue soaking up the sun when I can.


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