You Don't Have to be Naked Alone

In a Canadian private garden

In a few days, Saturday, August 5th,  it will be National Be Naked Day in the United Kingdom. We had our National Nude Day in Canada in July. And we all celebrated Naked Gardening Day in May. It seems we don’t need much of an excuse to get our clothing off. The truth is, no excuse is needed. Life just seems better when clothing free.

I know that for myself, anytime I can be outdoors in the sunshine without my clothes on, the better I feel about myself. If I find my time for naked freedom limited, I feel stressed and my mood deteriorates so that I am less carefree, smiling less. It’s not that I turn into a grumpy old man. Rather, it is more about nuances.

I have three of my grandchildren down for a week, and prior to that, I had all seven grandchildren and their parents here for almost a week. During these times, being clothing-free is a rarity. Yet, the sheer energy and enthusiasm of my family keeps my mood up. The same can’t be said when it is weather that forces me to have my clothes on should I venture outdoors.

In an English public garden.

I am not alone when it comes to having these needs for nude time, for sun time. I somehow have the feeling that for most of my friends in the United Kingdom, the limiting of sun time with its associated nude time, is exasperating. The number of days for warmth and sunshine is much more limited than my time skyclad outdoors on the prairies. Another factor limiting nude time is where one is in their lifespan. Those invested in careers or young families, find their time even more circumscribed.

So, with time, regardless of where one lives, limited, becoming part of a larger group such as British Naturism of the Federation of Canadian Naturism, allows us to fill in the spots we are able to carve out for ourselves so that we can share what we love with others who want nude time. Social naturism or nudism allows us to feel connected as naturists, rather than being the odd person out in a predominantly textile society. I encourage you to find out about your national group or nudist resort and make the commitment to honour your preference for being nude when possible and practical. You won’t be disappointed.

4 thoughts on “You Don't Have to be Naked Alone

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  2. I love your posts, written wit such a clarity and easiness. In many cases my opinion is neutral, because you have experiences I don’t have and a livestyle which is not
    perfectly mine.
    About the title: I have my own opinion. That is: I tried to be nacked for the first time some yars ago. I made alone every step, I’ve been forced to hear what was going in me (heart beats – emotions – fear – firm purpose…). As I had to try alone, as a personal experience, what would mean for me to be naked outdoors. For years I walked alone early morning in the fields around my little village: every time I had the strong feeling to be more confident about me and my beeing naked outside. Recently I feel the desire to meet someone, and indeed it happens, now and than: an old hunter with his dog, two wemen jogging, some worker of a near glasshous driving his van…
    So. I think one have to do by himself everything in his possibilities in order to be solid and trusted in himself, in his deep beliefs and certitudes. Just an exemple: few days ago came to me the idea that modesty was a “thought pattern” borrowed from society. It was enough thinking at that and I felt more determined in what I was doing, and more realxed, even in the case I would meet other people.
    I sse, that now I’m saying exaktly what you said!!!


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