Nakedness and Reducing Stress

Stress reduction by simply being outdoors, skyclad.

The grandkids are here – the three youngest grandsons to be exact. The excitement begins each day no later than 6:30 in the morning as the youngest comes into our room. There is no pretending to be asleep so I send him to the kitchen to put on the coffee. He’s gone just long enough for me to put on some pyjama bottoms and then engage with him in a game or two before he declares that he is hungry for some breakfast.

The two of us stay busy until his cousins wake up an hour and a half later, at which time, I am left in the dust so he could play with his older cousins. When all finally have breakfast, I have a bird house building project that is meant to keep them busy for much of the morning. Less than an hour later, the task is done. And no, they don’t want to paint their birdhouses. So, up they go onto the fence with the other bird houses built by the oldest three grandsons who aren’t part of the present action.

It’s a cool morning with occasional threats of light showers that persuade the boys to play games in the house. Occasionally I win – occasionally. And now, they are with Grandma at the pool while I get some time to myself. Naturally, I waste no time in losing my clothes and just relaxing. Outdoors I go and allow my whole body to breathe. Soon, the boys will be back and it will be full-steam ahead until bed time. I love being a grandfather.

5 thoughts on “Nakedness and Reducing Stress

  1. Yes indeed. I really do get stressed when I cannot get some naked time. The clothing takes on a feeling of a prison cell and I’m fretting that my body is all wrapped and trapped and uncomfortable. Today I had builders working at my home and so I planned for a beach walk if the weather held out. My beach access is limited by the tide so I get around two hours each side of low tide to enjoy the full length of the beach. Today I arrived at the earliest possible time and was surprised to find three families already enjoying the beach adjacent the car parking. Undeterred I set off along the beach to a point sufficiently distant and out of site of the people, at which time I was able to get out of the clothes. Shortly after, I spotted a woman in a bikini striding actively towards me. She could clearly see by now that I was naked but made no attempt to divert her course.
    For a moment I expected the worst; that she was going to berate me for walking naked on a public beach. Having got within about ten feet of me she gave a big smile, declared that it was lovely and sunny and that I seemed to be naked. She walked to the waters edge, swam for some time and then continued on her way along the beach.
    It was great that she was totally unfazed by my nudity and unconcerned to encounter me enjoying my afternoon in the buff. My day is now complete and stress free!


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