Nude Outdoors in Small Doses During a Heat Wave

Heat wave is stressing out our apple tree and the apples are falling.

It is again over thirty Celsius today. It has been almost two months since we’ve had a good rain. Everything in our garden and on the surrounding farms, is suffering as a result. The only good thing about the heat wave is that there are no mosquitoes or other biting insects plaguing us when we sit outdoors in the morning and evening. And of course, all this sunshine means that all the tan lines have long disappeared.

This morning before it got too hot, I go on a ladder and picked off the crab apples over our walkway as they were constantly falling off the tree because of the lack of moisture. The only things we are watering are the roses, Hasta plants, and our vegetable garden. Most of the water comes from saved dish and bath/shower water. You’d be surprised at how much water a person can save with this effort. For us, it adds up to about 15 litres per day. Dry spells and water rationing has taught us well over the years about what is important and what can wait. Still, everything is suffering from too much sun and too much heat – including humans.

One of the other adjustments I have made is to spend less time in the full sunshine in spite of the fact that I love heat and the sun’s rays on my body. It isn’t because I am worried about UV rays or sunburn; it’s because it just isn’t safe when the core body temperature has no way of cooling down. One of the other downsides is the fact that our walks have become shorter while we walk in the evenings. There are no heroes lurking in our bodies saying “do it or die trying.”

Mother Nature is no stranger to extremes and making powerful statements. Western Canada is plagued with wildfires and forest fires, while at the same time in the north-central regions the issue is too much rain. Sometimes I think we puny humans think too much of ourselves and too little of Mother Nature’s power.


5 thoughts on “Nude Outdoors in Small Doses During a Heat Wave

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  2. I am enjoying your thoughtful,, well written, and beautifully literate blog. So rarely now does one find articles written by educated people. As a naturist for more than 40 years, I feel frustration that so few people can write literate blogs or responses that I want to bother to read, hence reducing my interest in the web sites. I would like to post some thoughts and experiences myself, along with nude phots that I have not posted elsewhere. I do feel that my posed nude photos make me an exhibitionist, however I see the photos as a demonstration of the freedom I am able to enjoy. As a resident of Costa Rica (a country not very open to nudism) I can enjoy year round temperatures allowing a clothes free lifestyle, only limited by my ability to find acceptable locations..


    • Thank you, Pip. You offer kind comments about my writing style that are much appreciated. Feel free to email me your thoughts and images and perhaps I can incorporate them into one of my future blog posts. I have spent three months in Costa Rica one winter at Playa Jaco. I did find places there along the shore and in the hills where I could lose my clothing. Of course, a private court yard allowed me plenty of sun time while nude.


      • Here, on my garden, I’m able to enjoy privacy and when feeling energetic I indulge in a little yoga. Although quite new to yoga I have learned a few manageable routines (have to allow for my age and long list of injuries sustained during my life) which keep me flexible.
        I was about to attach some photos but can’t see how to do that in this reply. Can you offer guidance.


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