In Search of the Naked Truth

It seems that I am avoiding posting here, or writing in my journal. I realise that there is something behind this, but at the moment, I am not quite aware what is behind this reluctance to write. I noticed it about three days ago. Rather than write, I wandered through this site and saw a lot that needed pruning.

If you look into the archives, almost four hundred posts have been deleted leaving one hundred and seventy-seven posts. Of those removed, most were short and of-the-moment and had no value for readers who come here looking for information or reasoned opinions about naturism, and about naturism as therapy. Likely, I still have a few posts remaining that should also be deleted. But, now is not the time.

As a result of this blog-site introspection, I am left questioning the motivation for posting here, and the motivation of others who come here to read. I noticed that when I use the images of others who are known in the naturist community that readership is up. When I get too serious, readership declines. When I post frivolous “fillers” the response is predictably low in terms of readers. More than two hundred thousand visitors have wandered through my blog site at one time or other with many of those visitors reading more than one post during each visit. And frequently there are comments when a visitor finds something he or she either resonates or disagrees with in the post. All of this is very interesting for me as a writer, but it doesn’t really answer the question of motivation.

Am I posting simply as an excuse to put up photos, perhaps as a subconscious exhibitionist? I can’t exactly rule that out as I do post photos of myself here in cyberspace. However, for the most part, there is little sexual intent in the photos such as the one above. Most of the time, the genitals are either invisible due to strategic cropping, or the use of shadow to darken the area. Obviously, each photo tells the reader that I am naked, but that is about it. So then it comes down to the story the photo is trying to tell, or perhaps attempting to illustrate visually, the content of the text in the post.

Perhaps the greatest motivator for posting here is the sense that I have found a cyber-community in which I feel a sense of belonging. Though I haven’t met the vast majority of my readers, over time I have connected with enough of these readers via comments here, through social media interactions, e-mail exchanges, and for a few – face-to-face interactions. Without exception, the face-to-face meetings only confirmed the sense of friendship that had existed prior to the meetings where interaction was only on-line.

As I look back, I also see the “teacher” in myself offering what I know to others who come searching for … typically what they don’t even know they are looking for. Like myself, perhaps it is simply to feel a sense of belonging, that they are worthy beings who just happen to prefer being nude.

So I leave you with two questions that I hope you will answer, either here as a comment, or via e-mail, or as a comment on the social media platform from where you accessed this post. Why do you return to visit my pages? What is it here that you want most to see?

18 thoughts on “In Search of the Naked Truth

  1. I’ve followed your blogs for quite a while. I guess I find the way you combine naturism with Jungian psychology intriguing. I, too, find myself exploring the shadows and many of your posts give me insight and inspiration. Thanks.


  2. I always click on your posts to check in on how you are doing, friend. Sometimes you post content along the lines of, here’s what I’m doing today. Writing daily is a discipline that most often escapes me, so I respect that.
    But also, I am usually enlightened by the connections you make between nudity or naturism, and aspects of Jungian psychology. For this I am very grateful.
    I hope we can see each other again someday!


    • I also hope we will meet up again in the future. We both share many things in common, including being writers and teachers. Something tells me that the future will provide more than one such opportunity.


  3. I received this article in my email. I have not seen your other articles, so I really don’t know what you have to say yet. I signed up for this email because I’m new to the naturist/nudist social scene and thought I might learn from you. Once I learn what you have to offer, I might continue to take your email and even visit your website or not.


    • Interesting, William. So, this is your first reading of one of my posts. I hope that you noticed the real questions that plagues many naturists/nudists – what to reveal about themselves, and what to keep hidden; do I show images of myself, or just post images of others, usually strangers that are found on the Internet? And what about the f2f world – do I disclose to others in my personal world that I find worth and personal value in being naked? I hope that you find enough here to return and connect. Thank you.


      • In reply, I would say that the longer I spend reading and viewing naturist/nudist material the more open I have become. I have posted my picture sans clothes with my face included on naturist sites and posted naturist information to my Facebook page. My brother, a conservative Baptiist, was shocked. I’m sure my daughter and son have seen my posts, but are in denial. Other friends on Facebook have been very quiet about my posts.


  4. Your two questions might have a similar answer.
    I generally come here to read your new experiences and thoughts on Naturism/Nudism. The way you describe it, is really something to learn. I always love to read good articles/blogs, especially on naturism, and also like to interact with you online, as there is no possibility that we meet each other personally. Canada and Calcutta (India) are too far from each other.


    • Thank you, SK, for replying. As for being too far, I have spent a month in India in the past and there is no telling the future in terms of whether my path takes me there again. I am glad that you find value and interest in my posts. Namaste.


    • Similar. Give me insights on both life, my mind, and naturism.

      I do find I’m less stressed and prone to depression now that I’m embracing naturism more, though saddened it’s impractical (next to impossible) outside of the house for me.
      Wish we had the large remote spaces here for naked hiking, rather than just a few naturist campgrounds, most of which won’t allow singles under the excuse of “all singles are likely perverts”.


      • I think this is the case for so many who come to naturism later in life. Sunshine as therapy, physical and psychological.


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  6. 1) Your pages are simple, immediate, you don’t try to evangelize to the nudist truth. It is simply an experience of you, growing day by day. You say what you are doing in your garden, relations with neighbours… in your everyday life: that makes your being naked a constant tought, a path, a direction along which you make your life better. That’s about the same I do.

    2) I don’t know what I want the most to see. I wouldn’t influence you (I wouldn’t be able): you have to write what you think is the best (or normal) in every day: that’s new, because you are a diffrent person, your way of life, that establishes the dialog. You share your richness with us. It’s not for everybody.


    • Vittorio, I truly appreciate your response here. You have captured the essence of why this blog site exists. And, as you stated, it’s not for everybody. Thank you.


  7. Hello, I realize that I am a bit late in posting a reply, but I wanted to take a few days to reflect on your post and your specific questions. As both a writer and a naturist, I can relate somewhat. I respectfully feel you may have been too critical of yourself in at least two ways. First, your decision to post images has none of the traits of one with sensationalist or exhibitionist tendencies. Rather, your images convey one who is practicing naturism in a normal, relatable way, while simply sharing aspects of your life with your readers. Secondly, and more importantly, I do not feel that spending some time to edit out old posts is necessarily an excuse to avoid writing new content. When I write, I sometimes find it necessary to re-frame old writing projects before I move onto new ones. This helps me both on paper and in my mind, as I may need to distill and clarify old narratives before moving onto new ones. You appear to be doing just that and I have no doubt whatever you write in the weeks ahead will be better as a result of the “mental house-cleaning” you have undertaken. With regards to your final questions, I read your posts for information and inspiration relating to naturism, personal healing and the human experience, as well as how these three intertwine in your life. As long as these three themes are present in some way, either subtle or overtly, serious or light-hearted, I will always look forward to reading your posts.


    • There is no “lateness” in replying to any of my posts. It’s good to have the voice of a fellow writer speaking. It is much appreciated. Trust a writer to get behind the motivations and questions. I am appreciative of your kind comments and the forecast of better writing ahead for me. šŸ™‚ Thanks, Dan.


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