The Art of Compromise and Social Nudism

Checking out our garden after a week away from home.

We have returned home from six sun-filled days at Green Haven Sun Club. Of course, I just had to check out the garden while there was still a bit of light outside. The garden is doing well though it is slower this year because of so many cool nights and almost no rain.

It is hard to describe just how good it feels to spend almost a week without clothing on. Only the cold mornings had us put on housecoats for warmth while we were at the campgrounds. I did have to dress for the drive to Regina for a book-signing event (sold 13 books) on Saturday, and again on Sunday evening when we returned to take our grandson out for a shared birthday meal at his current favourite restaurant, I Love Sushi.

We were gifted with new friends who had come to the campgrounds after us, a couple from Ontario. For the next four days we played games outside, swam in the pool, relaxed in the sunshine with them. Though they are ten years (or slightly more) younger than us, there was a shared level of energy and enthusiasm that soon has us planning for future meetups.

Because of the opportunities to engage with energy with another couple, our days as a couple at the campground became easier. Though we were both nude the whole time, she is not a naturist. She takes part once a year just to please me, at some naturist event or other. Contrary to what many proclaim, experiencing a naturist venue and social nudism does not convert a person. There are other factors which are psychological and sociological that play a role in how a person responds to nudism, even when they take part with a smile and full openness. At least both parties get to know each other better through accommodation to preferences and needs.

7 thoughts on “The Art of Compromise and Social Nudism

  1. I agree with you Sir..
    As your partner knows about your nudism, it is certainly easier for you. But this is not at all easy for me as neither my family nor my country accept it..


  2. I am very sad to say that my wife will probably react to naturism as your wife did. We plan to spend 4 days at a naturist resort at the end of August. She has agreed to go, but it may be our first and last experience with naturism.


    • Accept her response as authentic. My wife continues to support my need, even to the point of attending social nudism events. That is the other side of compromise. Where there is love, there is usually room to contain opposite needs. Please don’t pressure your wife and accept what she can give you as her gift to you. Patience.


  3. Nudeness for many people is not a way of life but a way of clothing (or not clothing) and this is good and positive. In fact, most people who enjoy beaches and campings in the nude (families) don’t consider themselves as naturists but only citizens (at least in my country). Nudeness will be normal when being nude is only a normal way more of staying.


    • You are right, Jere, it is a way of “clothing,” a way of self-presentation and being when the conditions allow, and the spirit within confirms that this is what the “self” wants as a costume. I am assuming that you are either Spanish or Portuguese – European. Here in North America the world is a very different place with a harsh view of those who dare to dress in only sunshine. Thank you.


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