Prairie Suns Naturist Travel Club

Brian and Nancy are the heart and soul of the Prairie Suns Naturist Club

I am a member of the Prairie Suns Naturist Club, a non-landed club affiliated with both the FCN and AANR. Being non-landed means that the members meet in more than one location, sometimes at other naturist clubs such as Green Haven in Saskatchewan, and Helios in Alberta.

Pair-a-Dice Acres

That said, most of the Prairie Sun events are hosted on Brian and Nancy’s acreage called Pair-a-Dice Acres, in central Saskatchewan near the city of North Battleford. For the past number of years, my wife and I have visited Nancy and Brian at least once a year for these events.

It is usually done better if it can be done nude.

Canada Day

When at the Prairie Sun’s events, we play games such as Bunnock, swim in the large, above-ground pool, gather in the hot tub on cool mornings or evenings, go for naturist walks, visit with like-minded dwellers on the prairies, and enjoy potluck meals.

Sometimes I have been able to spend time at the acreage with Brian and Nancy as friends without the need for an event such as last summer when I took these photos of life on the prairies where clothing isn’t always necessary, especially when the weather is cooperative.

Still together after all these years with nothing to hide.

I know that I have been fortunate to have been able to find a naturist community only two hours from my home, a community that has welcomed both my wife and myself into their group. Not only do I now have a naturist community, I have real friends who share the same values and who invite us into their home and who are welcomed into our home. Of course, it really isn’t about being nude, for the prairies are famous for four months of relative warm temperatures and eight months of almost winter and winter. When weather dictates, we wear clothing, and like it.

There is a website for those who would be interested in discovering a bit of paradise on the prairies: the Prairie Suns Naturist Travel Club.

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