Being Bare in Cold Climes

It’s cold out here.

No, it isn’t snowing though it feels like it. I took the liberty of turning a cold, evening scene into one that captured a sense of what the body and mind felt, rather than the objective reality which is not often a good barometer for what goes on inside of a person. I used PhotoshopElements to create the effect, a combination of glass, ripple, and rain effects.

Needless to say, I didn’t stay outdoors very long when I took the photo because of a cold, north-east wind blowing and a decided lack of sunshine. In spite of the cold and dark skies, I am in a positive frame of mind due in large part to the new adventure that I will begin with Sunday morning’s flight to Vienna via Toronto, Canada.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, it seems that I feel somewhat warmer when nude outdoors than when I wear clothing. Well, that is only up to the point when it gets too warm outside. Then, the reverse comes into play – I feel refreshingly cooler with the lack of clothing. The lack of clothing encourages the body to self-regulate. Clothing inhibits this natural body function, and perhaps over time, our ability to have our body’s inner thermostat work effectively is compromised.  Something to think about.

5 thoughts on “Being Bare in Cold Climes

    • Thank you, Vittorio. I am enjoying your blog. Google translate does a decent enough of a job for me to understand the message. Of course, I use context and intuition to fill in the gaps and eliminate wrong translation choices.


  1. “Clothing inhibits this natural body function, and perhaps over time, our ability to have our body’s inner thermostat work effectively is compromised.”

    Or you can break the thermostat completely by becoming a eunuch. Eunuch menopause is horrible, much worse hot flashes than a woman. I left a comment here describing it:

    Everything is different like day vs night.
    I live in Phoenix & without testosterone it hurts wearing a shirt in the summer heat (unlike the hormone people who act just fine) but yet there is no good feeling which is a bummer sometimes. Naked people are not sexual to the non hormone replacement eunuch but it just looks like a body like anything. Can’t wear pajamas or underwear to bed because my stomach expanded so I have to eat a lot b4 bed & it makes my skin hot in bed. Can’t wear underwear during wake hours because it’s too hot & I have heat sensitivity & that would trigger more h flashes.

    There’s a book called 1587, a Year of No Significance & it says several eunuchs fainted during a hot summer day. It’s actually no fun being naked without T (not really) but it is relief from heat because I’m like a broken AC. The best way to not get hot flashes is be hungry, but this doesn’t help with heat sensitivity.
    Also I have to eat alkaline so I won’t get thin bones. But at least I stopped the hair loss & I look young!


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