Looking Back at World Naked Gardening Day 2017

The image says it well.

Yesterday was World Naked Gardening Day. I have to admit that I did very little in the garden yesterday, though there was some discussion as to where I would put the chicken wire to support the two varieties of climbing beans we are planting in the garden. Gardening is done to some extend, naked, regardless of the calendar day. The deciding factor for me is the opportunity to get some of the gardening done while naked.

Melvin working in his raised garden beds.

The idea of naked gardening isn’t simply about a set date on a calendar, especially here in the northern zones. Yesterday, there were too many places in Canada where gardening in any form or state of dress/undress was an option. The spirit of WNGD is about finding time in your garden, at some point in the spring, to risk being as natural as possible. Some people feel totally naked while wearing the briefest of body coverings – nakedness is not just about clothing, it is also about one’s state of mind.

Me tilling the garden.

For my participation in the World Naked Gardening Day, I had checked the weather forecast, as I was committed to taking part in an alternate activity for the Saturday, and then made the decision to till my garden on the day before the WNGD. On the left, you will see one of the garden things I occupied myself with during the day.

Holly doing her part for WNGD a day early as well.

There is a social aspect to World Naked Gardening Day that exists because of social media such as Twitter. If one does a search for #WNGD, one would find likely hundreds of photos, selfies for the most part, of people’s participation in the event. What constitutes “gardening?” Cutting the lawn, pruning, weeding, planting, watering, etc. I would even venture to say, taking a moment to relax and record the event with a selfie like this image of Holly, is definitely a snapshot of the real WNGD.

Of course, one would also find many claiming to be “gardening” though there is no real sign of gardening, or even garden, in their images. Those people are more interested in “flashing” thinking that they can garner some attention with their awesome nudity. It doesn’t work that way. But again, this is all just my opinion. I am not judge or jury. As I frequently tell any who ask: the intention – what is the intention of the image? What is the story being told?

World Naked Gardening Day is probably the best illustration of a human being nude without a sexual agenda or expectation. For those who take part, regardless of the day, even if they had been alone in their garden, there is a sense of community that starts to grow. One feels connected, even if only virtually, with others who share a “naturist” worldview.

6 thoughts on “Looking Back at World Naked Gardening Day 2017

  1. Well said. You sum it up perfectly in your last paragraph. Nude…a human being without a sexual agenda or expectation.
    Wish we could have enjoyed nude Gardening, but it’s been to rainy and cold here.
    Hope to be outside enjoying Gardening naturally, soon.

    Jan & Gary☀️


    • That’s why I feel that WNGD is not really a set date. It is 5, wet, windy, and overcast here, definitely not gardening weather. Thanks Jan and Gary.


  2. We agree with what you had to say about WNGD here in Montana any the sun shines is a day to work the Raised Garden Beds without clothing. By the way your finger it the R instead of the L in my name. LOL


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