Free-Hiking – The Fullness of Body and Mind Freedom

Solitary hike through prairie hills.

It is raining again, a depressing state of affairs for the first of May. The rain is turning the hills and the country roads into quagmires of mud. Unlike the past few days, I will be limited to walking around town rather than taking to the countryside. When the temperatures and conditions are right, I am soon able to find myself walking in nature completely divested of clothing.  The hills shown to the left, are only eight kilometres from the town in which I live, here on the Canadian prairies.

Hiking has to rank up there as one of my favourite pastimes. Hiking while free of clothing is an experience that is hard to describe to others who find extended walks a challenge – mentally or physically. And even with others who enjoy hiking, to contemplate hiking while nude is even more of a challenge. Yet, when a person has dared to try this, there is a curious shift in body perception. It is as thought for the first time, one can truly breathe deeply.

I almost always hike nude alone. Most of the time when I am with others, there is a need to be wearing hiking clothes. Hiking the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain in 2015, was a shared hiking experience with many, many others. I will be hiking in Eastern Europe in four weeks’ time in a group of ten. And, as with the Camino, we will be wearing clothing. I did get to go hiking last June, with a close naturist friend pictured above, here on the prairies, a small taste of what is possible. With any luck, the two of us will again be free-hiking this year.

Discussing the trail ahead.

Yet, having experienced hiking nude, the desire to share this experience with others is something that I have set in my “bucket list.” And this is a real possibility as there is a group that hikes in Europe every year, the Naked European Walking Tour [NEWT], where participants from various countries gather together to spend a week in Austria doing daily nude hikes through the mountainscapes.

Natfree, kindly gave permission for the use of a photo [above to the right] that gives one an idea of the experience of free-hiking. The photo was taken earlier this spring in France. Natfree, who organises these NEWT walks, is also part of an online site dedicated to Nude Hiking – Les Marcheurs Nus du Val de Roanne.

Who knows, perhaps this year will provide me with more nude hiking, free-hiking, experiences.

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