Free-Hiking is a Real Part of My Life

Hikers as found at the Naked Historian’s blog site.

I rarely use photos taken by others, and almost never without permission granted prior to use. However, with the identities of these hikers – they could be anyone – assured, I borrowed the photo as I indicated in the photo’s comment.

For the past while, I have been immersed in the planning for my five week sojourn in Eastern Europe, with most of that time spent hiking.  No, I won’t be hiking nude as I will be walking with my wife, a few hiking friends from our Camino walk, and six other unknown to me, others who all start hiking from Sopron, Hungary.

The unknown hiker. An image taken in France.

Ordinarily, I would be hiking, free-hiking, in similar countryside in the nude as the countryside near my home is wide open prairie with hills and dirt roads. I get to do this several times a year when the weather and the circumstances permit. However, so far this year, it hasn’t been nude-friendly weather in the out-of-doors, even for hiking while fully clothed.

Randonne Nue – source of image is at Naktivated  on Twitter

Free-hiking, for me, is full immersion into nature while skyclad so that I can further the work of healing my body and soul. There is nothing about my wanderings through the hills that has anything to do with exhibitionism or sexual satisfaction.

Both  of these additional images, taken from different locations in Europe show different approaches to hiking nude. One is what I would call a traditional hike with poles, and footwear to protect the feet on trails which often include sharp rocks. The second photo is more typical of hiking in naturist campgrounds. I am hoping that I can get to do both types of hiking in Europe in the future.

However, for this time in Europe, the excursion to Therme Wien Baths and Sauna while in Vienna might be my only opportunity for some social nudity.

3 thoughts on “Free-Hiking is a Real Part of My Life

  1. I’ll be starting the walk about a month after you.
    I’m counting on there being a few creeks and rivers along the way in which to swim, and being quiet countryside in Europe I don’t expect a quick skinny dip will be a problem.

    There’s also a nudist beach on the Danube in Vienna, about here


    • I will be visiting the Therme Wein, in Vienna – Austrian Hot Springs Bath, and then the Lenti Springs in Hungary. Both will afford me a bit of social nudity. Thanks for your valuable information, it will be taken into consideration should we find a bit of extra time. 🙂


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