Honouring the Decision to Live as a Naturist

Considerations as I work on adding a closet shelf.

Our Easter company has departed and now life returns to its normal rhythms and flows. With the move from my old office into a new space which now feels even more like an office because of its smaller size, the old room now returns to its original intention, that of a bedroom, a guest bedroom.

In the room are two large closets – his and hers – with lighting. Since this room is going to be rarely used, the decision to add an extra shelf for the storage of bedding, means that I now have a project to occupy some of my time.

Of course, I’m not really just writing about a closet project; it’s just another excuse to look at the human psyche, especially in my role as a psychotherapist. Typically, one thinks of therapy as a big work, not small tasks. Yet, when a big work has resulted in a shift of change in awareness [think of my relocating my office with its significant amount of labour attached to it] one is left with many smaller tasks which need to be done so that the “new self” has something to hold onto in the new world.

In terms of making a life change to embrace naturism/nudisim, one needs to then restructure the small things in one’s life to allow that life change to have a strong foundation for survival. Not doing the small tasks typically results in a person feeling cheated by life as opportunities for naturism or nudism slip away. Just as in my changing offices where there were a myriad of small things needed to be done to allow my new office to feel like “my sacred space and place,” a person needs to make tiny changes that support and honour the choice for life as a naturist.

Small things such as sleeping nude, taking care of morning ablutions while still nude, relaxing in front of the television in the evening with the drapes closed, are just some of the small shifts in the way one lives that support and honour the shift. There are a lot of blog posts by a number of naturists and nudists that can provide one with more advice, perhaps better advice. Surfing the web to find these is yet another means of honouring the decision to be a naturist.


9 thoughts on “Honouring the Decision to Live as a Naturist

  1. I can so relate to all of this.

    Not sure I could share more insight on being a naturist but the most important thing is to simply be comfortable and true to yourself.



  2. I have lived as a ‘naturist’ for my entire 65 years, (I just had my 66th birthday). Anything other than being naked is, to me, not natural or realistic. 99.9% of my homelife is naked, with neighbours & friends coming to realise (and accept) this is me.
    My wife is not truly a naturist, she prefers her clothes but she does share some home nudity with me and with some very close family people.
    The only truth, without psychology, as far as we are concerned is that being naked is the natural status!


    • Being naked is natural until it stops being natural. Then, it isn’t. I would like to say I envy your lifetime as a naturist, but then I would have to say that my life, a life that resulted in the being of who I am, was somehow less worth living. It is good to hear the myriad of stories of individual humans surrounding the dance of naturism. Thank you, Patrick, as always, for being a strong voice in the world of naturism. 🙂


  3. More chances / changes come to me from my dreams. Often I dream to be in a real situation as the only nacked person in, and I feel it as quite normal; as to think: «I’m so (nacked) and you are so (clothed)»: that is: non differencies in perceiving the persons, the right to be as one wish – for his better. The first time, I dreamed to be by a lake (Iseo); i took a sefie; just in that moment came a car, and a photographer asked me to take some pics of me; and I let him to do, thinking that what was special for him was natural for me. No differencies if not personal differencies. That helped my consciuosness of what can mean nudity. Or that nuduty has no special meaning. (https://emanuelecinelli.wordpress.com/2017/04/12/uscita-di-sicurezza/)

    Thanks Robert,



    • Thank you, Vittorio, for your words here. I enjoyed reading the blog post you provided a link for. I look forward to hearing from you again. Robert


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  5. To me and most of my friends, living life nude is a pleasure. My experience is that a life lived mostly or completely nude is a better life than a life lived with the confines of clothing.


  6. Thank you for yet another thoughtful post. The one word that seemed to echo in my mind as I read it was ‘intention’. In reflecting on your message, I recall that many years ago when I first decided to explore naturism, I realized that I needed to approach it as something more than a simple past time. Nor could I passively hope that I might someday get around to it. For me, approaching naturism with clearly defined intentions not only gave me the motivation to overcome my uncertainties and move forward, it compelled me to explore the values of naturism, while examining my own believes as well.


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