Skyclad Therapy and a Skyclad Healing Retreat

Tiredness isn’t always about something physical.

The blue armoire with my backpack resting above it is a suitable backdrop for the looking at the feeling of being worn out by life. It is as though the baggage we carry with us as we go through life gets lifted off of our shoulders only to be place above our heads where we have little we can do to shift that weight to a more manageable position. The baggage never does go away, All that we can do is come to terms with the baggage and become stronger, strong enough to carry that baggage comfortably so that it doesn’t overwhelm us. That is the goal of most psycho-therapeutic engagements.

I am a psychotherapist as most of my readers already know. I am doing the research into how to use  nudity as part of a healing journey in a therapeutic environment. As I see it the environment would use gentle stretching exercise [yoga], meditation, massage, art therapy, sand tray play, group dream work, and group investigation of fairy tales that expose the archetypal core of the human self-development journey. All these components would be done while nude. Perhaps this would be structured into a four-day weekend or a week-long event [seven to ten days]. The environment would necessarily be in a retreat centre in some sort of rural setting.

I don’t see this as a counselling-therapy model as there are too many factors involved that would make for complications in therapist-client relationship. I do see that it doesn’t prohibit a therapist leading sections of the activities in which the client is part of a larger group. How this would all be able to come about is yet unknown. At this time, I could only see this working as a life-coaching retreat rather than as a licensed-psychotherapy retreat.

With this as an idea, I am interested in what you, my readers have to say.

6 thoughts on “Skyclad Therapy and a Skyclad Healing Retreat

  1. ..

    Coming out of the closet in the nude publicly would be a major undertaking for most that have been trained that that it’s just not done! I could have back when I was 50 or even 60 years old. But today I would spare people from viewing such an uggghly sight.
    Don’t let the wind out of your sails. Keep the thought. Work on it!

    And Good Luck.. Pat S..


    • I am seen publicly as a legitimate mental health counsellor and educator. Because of several publications, many people also now know that I am a naturist and the role that has had in my life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Pat. Don’t sell yourself short. Character is everything and it’s first public presence begins in the eyes.


  2. I enjoyed your comments about the potential of nudism as part of a therapeutic experience. One example that I know of where this was attempted was at the Elysian Institute in California, back in the 1970’s and 80’s. Another was the book “Nudity, Therapy & Joy: The Therapeutic Use of Nudity Through the Ages, From Ancient Ritual to Modern Psychology” by Aileen Goodson. I have never visited the Elysian Institute nor read Goodson’s book, but both were criticized for relying too much on pop psychology and lacked enough compelling evidence to be taken seriously. The Elysian Institute closed in 2001. Goodson’s book has been out of print for decades, although at least one portion of it is available on line. Despite these apparent setbacks, I would welcome a serious, disciplined investigation into using nudity as a tool for healing. Perhaps there are lessons to be gleaned from the Elysian Institute and Goodson’s book, at least as mistakes to be avoided. I for one have heard of stories of veterans with PTSD who found relief while visiting a nudist camp. I personally know of a survivor of sexual abuse who found nudism to be a part of his healing journey. Yet I have never seen this subject discussed to any extent among the leading nudism or naturism advocacy groups. That being said, I would encourage you or anyone else who would be willing to investigate nudism as part of a healing modality.


    • I have the documents from the Elysian experiments, as well as Goodson’s book in hardcover. I also have other documents by other authentic psychologists who have used nudity as part of the treatment for certain types of cases. There is more that is kept quiet, especially in the North American scene because of the mindset of the collective. And certainly, I will continue to examine possibilities and perhaps even experiment making sure to keep data which can be quantified as that is the only evidence that “social scientists” will accept.

      Thanks, Dan, for your thoughts here. I hope you return and find other topics worthy of comment. 🙂


  3. Sorry there is no such thing as an ugly body.
    I have been on nudist beaches, no one need feel uncomfortable about their body.
    I can understand what you might feel uncomfortable if you were naked among other clothed people, on display if you like, but when everone is naked there is no feeling of being judged about your appearance.


    • This is, of course, your opinion, Patrick. For Pat S., it is a different story. We have to honour and accept everyone’s story as their personal story without judgements. The world will never be in a place where everyone is naked, nor will the world ever be rid of fear. It is what it is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.


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