Selfies – Nourishment For The Naked Soul

Emma as a selfie

Emma was kind enough to send me a “selfie” she took in the not-too-distant past. Like many naturists or nudists, she takes selfies to record her life unclothed. I am no different. I also record my life sans vêtements. So what is it that has us turn to the mirror to take these selfies, or to use the delayed timer with a phone or tablet propped up to get an image? Is it simply just a record of “self” that fringes on narcissism? Or, is it curiosity? Or, in my case, is it a deliberate attempt to peer at myself in hopes of discovering something more about who I am? For most of us taking these nude images, I imagine that it is a mixture of curiosity and deliberate study.

We discover more about who we are through examination of the images we see of ourselves through the eyes of others. There is so much about ourselves that is unknown to ourselves. We often fool ourselves thinking we know and we are in control of who we are. But lurking beneath the skin and the ego, is a shadowy self, a stranger that confuses us. We know that the shadow side exists as we hear from others about ourselves, aspects of ourselves to which we are blind. Psychology tells us that what bothers us most about others is more about the shadows within us that are reflected in others, like a selfie in the mirror.

Knowing this, it should be easy to simply say, “Okay, enough is enough with these damned photos!” But, that’s easier said than acted upon. These naked images of ourselves are proofs that we aren’t locked in the prisons of personae that we live in the outer world. As time goes by, we record the changes and use them to reassure ourselves that we are on the right path to self-awareness, self-discovery. Okay, so maybe this is all so much psycho-babble and there is no legitimate reason for so many of us to take and store these images in our archives, sharing them with others we learn to trust, who have learned to trust us. But, I doubt it. This is real, this is deep, and it is a rich source of nourishment for the naked soul.

7 thoughts on “Selfies – Nourishment For The Naked Soul

  1. Well done for publishing these pictures and the accompanying text.
    Why are so many people frightened of nudity?
    I am often naked indoors, and enjoy days on my local beach where nudity is allowed.
    Why is ot possible to show every square inch of a body except the female nipple and both male and female genitalia?


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  3. A very thoughtful and thought-provoking essay. I agree that we come to know ourselves a bit better through seeing ourselves in photos, whether nude or clothed.

    Personally, I share pictures of myself naked because I feel it’s an opportunity to “put my money where my mouth is.” If I preach the belief that the natural human body is nothing to be ashamed of (and I do), then how can I justify treating my nude images differently from how I would treat pictures of myself fully dressed? I believe that glutting the internet with images of non-sexual, non-idealized, nudity is a way to normalize both seeing others naked and allowing ourselves to be seen.


    • Nothing to do with clothing, everything to do about being vulnerable in self-disclosure. By that I mean a willingness to see the scars and wounds that are within each of us, as part of who we are in the more holistic sense of self.


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