Book Review of Aglow by Will Forest

Cover of Will Forest's latest book, Aglow.

Cover of Will Forest’s latest book, Aglow.

I’ve just finished reading Will Forest’s second naturist novel, Aglow. Having enjoyed his first naturist novel, Coed Naked Philosophy, I was anxious to begin reading with high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed. I was, however, surprised.

As a person who views life through a worldview that includes Jungian psychology, the shift from a theme of college life to a blend of Meso-American mythology and contemporary Mexico and Brazil, was something that added value to a tale of naturist exploration. My readers here know I often write about the masculine and the feminine psyche. Will Forest travels back in time through artefacts that have stories to reveal which speak with both a masculine and a feminine voice. Combined, those voices talk of wholeness and a universal oneness.

Will Forest’s writing, as in his first book, shows care and attention to historical accuracy and does so in a manner that avoids having the novel sound too academic. The story emerges with both playfulness and seriousness being present in both the past and present faces of the novel. And in the end, one is left wanting to hear more of the story that involves the protagonists, Marisol and Ze.

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