Skyclad and Healing

After the interview which involved explaining the word skyclad.

After the interview which involved explaining the word skyclad.

This afternoon, a reporter from the local newspaper came to interview about my “Broken Road” series of books. Unlike other interviews I’ve given over the past few years which dealt with our walking the Camino de Santiago, and our experiences in China, or even the interview for a radio program about the books, the reporter didn’t seem to have his questions in order. For the most part, it felt as if he was struggling to ask anything. Rather, he just sort of hinted at directions and I took those opportunities to talk about the series, about how one deals with trauma, and how we move forward based on both conscious and unconscious dimensions.

He did ask one clear question, “What did I mean when using the word “skyclad” in the series. I sensed that he was stuck on the word though it was clearly explained in the book. I knew he had gone over the books and guessed that he was struggling with the idea that naturism was a strategy as a healing tool. I gave him an answer that spoke of the need for honesty in breaking the silence around trauma, sexual trauma. There is a need to expose all of the sores to allow the air to heal. As well, I let him know that it fit with the approach the ancients used to present themselves to the spiritual centre, or god. To approach a deity, one had to be cleansed allowing themselves to be vulnerable and open to whatever it is that would become a holy moment.

The interview ended and I found myself returning to a clothes free state to think about the interview. I will see the results in Monday’s newspaper.

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