Another Very Rainy Day on the Prairies

Lamppost in the rain

Lamppost in the rain

This is the scene this morning, a sharp contrast from yesterday’s warm and sunny conditions. It is raining and quite cool, a good day to stay inside where it is warmer and dry. Before too long into the day, I returned to my indoor meditation corner as it wasn’t kind outdoors for nude meditation.  Then it was the perfect time to engage in continuing the writing of the second novel until my late morning client appeared for another round of therapy.

After lunch my wife and I began the process of preparing some sauerkraut from scratch. Before that task was done, another task appeared, that of dealing with water seepage along a basement wall that wouldn’t create problems, but still needed to be attended to for our own peace of mind. Too much rain and the ground was saturated. Over a period of ten hours we had received about seventy millimetres of rain – just over 2 1/2 inches. There wasn’t time to return to writing with our dealing with weather conditions and our sauerkraut project. Now in in the early evening, we have finished the first part of making sauerkraut. Now all we have to do is wait for it to cure so that it can be canned for future use, something that likely will happen in the next two weeks.

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