Return to the Garden of Home

Return to the garden

Return to the garden at home

I am back home after an absence of nine days with five of them being spent in company of naturists. Four days were spent in Helios, a naturist site near Edmonton after a few nights in nearby Camrose where we attended a wedding. The weather was quite active bouncing between sun and rain accompanied by thunder and lightning. Another pair of days saw us at another wedding before we headed off to a Prairie Suns event, an impromptu affair as two new couples wanted to see what this Saskatchewan group was like.

Prairie Suns is a non-landed club though most of the events do happen in the same place, an acreage less than two hours from our home. We spent the day playing bocce and bunnock, two different kinds of throwing games that saw newcomers mix with eight of the regular attendees which we seem to have become in the eyes of the hosts who own the acreage. We were fortunate to end up with warm temperatures and sunny skies for most of the afternoon though the morning was quite chilly in windy and overcast conditions. Ample use of the sauna helped ensure that being nude didn’t have to be uncomfortable.

And now, we are home. Hopefully I will become more regular in my posting in the next several weeks.

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