What the Mirror is Trying to Tell Us

Taking advantage of a break in the weather

Taking advantage of a break in the weather.

I am back for a few moments as I take a coffee break on an otherwise showery morning in Alberta. In another two hours I will be en route to a campground with my grandson who is “waiting” for time to leave.

It is hard to be very enthusiastic when so much of the world seems to be crumbling around us. Isolated individuals are continuing to fall under the influence of the collective shadow of their home cultures, a shadow that is not limited to the Islamic world as we see America falling under the weight of rampant racism that is resulting in intensified conflicts, conflicts that are burdened not only with colour, but also with issues of gender and religion, with the greatest conflict is centred around weapons, a conflict fed by fear of other and the need to be armed.

I am losing hope that there will be a collective “turning on the lights” so that the collective will become aware that the enemy is found in the mirror staring back, the individual shadow magnified as fear dims the lights and dims consciousness. Time to stop thinking so much and go back to playing with my grandson.

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