Meditation Au Naturel

The practice of meditation au naturel is priceless.

The practice of meditation au naturel is priceless.

It’s been a driving day towing my camping trailer to my grandson’s home as we will be heading to a camping site by a lake (his father, him and me) for the weekend. The drive passed through sunny stretches and pouring rain and thunderstorms, several times. By the time I reached my destination, I was very tense as the wind made towing the trailer a bit more of a challenge than normal. Life is like that on the prairies. Normally it is dry, but already this early summer we have slightly more than doubled the normal annual precipitation. We recorded more than 100 mm (4+ inches) in less than 24 hours on Monday. Needless to say, it is a good thing I add meditation to my ritual of handling the stresses that would otherwise leave me too tense and perhaps too edgy.

Mediation is vital in my opinion, for anyone who wants to get more “self” control. Without this control, I find myself “reacting” rather than responding with considered reasonableness. And, it often happens that I can listen better, let it wash through me without having it stick within me like some nascent cancer. To meditate skyclad outdoors in sunshine is the ultimate experience for me. However, even nude meditation indoors is treasured. And when there is no opportunity for either experience, even clothed meditation works on allowing me to be more present and more pleasant in my interaction with the universe.

One thought on “Meditation Au Naturel

  1. I love meditating nude. When I was in Nursing school. I would go to a nearby park and strip to my pants and meditate for my lunch break. I am sold on it.


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