Dignity and Peace in a World Filled With Chaos

A man who embraces his authentic presence in nature.

A man who embraces his authentic presence in nature.

At one of the naturist/nudist online communities that is based in Europe to which I participate, has allowed me to become friends, virtual friends with others who share my passion. One of the newest friends is Lukas, a man from the Netherlands. Images, such as this one, tell so much to a reader about the person, and about naturism itself.

The fact that tan-lines are absent is visual evidence that naturism is more than a philosophy, but somehow has become embraced as a life practice. The image also rejects shame while at the same time doesn’t flaunt sexuality. Too often, nudists and naturists tend to make genital exposure as the focal point of their images. Unfortunately, such images tend to confirm the belief in those opposed to human nudity, especially public human nudity, that nudity is synonymous with sex – and sex is synonymous with sin or evil. Images that treat the nude human body as simply natural, doing natural tasks allow views to learn that there is no threat to morality with genitals being seen. The message becomes, nude can be normal, nonthreatening. The nudity fades into the background with a different story emerging.

As I see this image, I can feel the oneness with nature, the sense of being able to breath easily with the sun working its magic to engage the human spirit. There is a sense of philosophic calmness, almost a moment of Zen to be sensed. I don’t see charged sexuality. I don’t see “see me I’m naked.”  I do see personal self-acceptance, of being at peace with oneself. I do see a man who treats his body well and in turn treats the world he lives in well. I see human morality portrayed with dignity.

One thought on “Dignity and Peace in a World Filled With Chaos

  1. I have been nudist for ten years and love it. I think nudity should be seen as a way to relax. But I can not feel that way I feel that the non nudist have got us all in a pen like animals and we are not to come out with the regular people. And that makes me sick. Then you have a ass hole like mark SUCKERBURG on Facebook that puts hearts or stars on a photo that shows just how beautiful a nude body looks like. May be nudist people should start a Facebook just for nudists.


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