Hazards for Naturists in Public and Private Spaces Outdoors

Wildlife in the Garden of Eden

Wildlife in the Garden of Eden

I’ve borrowed another of Emma’s photos that shows her joy in being bathed in the sun . I like to think of it as a small version of the Garden of Eden. For, that is what it feels like when I am naked in the sunshine with the flowers, trees, and open spaces.

The past few days have been dark, wet, and cold; and as a result, the garden wasn’t so inviting to be in. Today, the sun has returned and I am able to spend hours in the garden, even while I am writing up this post, skyclad as I was created, as the original woman and man were created.

I promised you a rose garden.

I promised you a rose garden.

I am thankful for sunshine and warmth as they lift my spirits when they are assaulted by the shadows of the collective unconscious. In my own garden on the Canadian prairies, there are a number of roses in scattered locations such as this island of roses I created for my wife. In the sunshine during the warmest part of the day, it is an inviting place to be as the mosquitoes retreat waiting for a passing cloud to re-emerge and torment a person. It’s a good thing that there are a few ecologically friendly products that persuade mosquitoes to search elsewhere for a meal rather than on my body. Of course, being ecologically friendly means that a determined group of biting bugs can still get their meal of fresh blood without dying a horrible death.

But, mosquitoes and other biting insects aren’t nearly the worst hazard a naturist faces when skyclad outdoors. By far, it is the human species that are the most vicious and dangerous.

4 thoughts on “Hazards for Naturists in Public and Private Spaces Outdoors

  1. Another great post. Love the pic of Emma. She’s a naturist lady who brings feeling and dimension to nudism. Love the joy she exudes and her smiles!
    We’re envious of your tan (due of course to your fortunate ability to be nude for so much of your time)
    Keep up the great posts!

    Jan & Gary


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