Dirt Road Naturism – An Issue of Public Safety?

I found this image while searching for an alternative to the WNBR which is the dominant activity this month in the world of naturism. I don’t find myself drawn to participate in the hyper social activity of bike rides. Being far from any city that hosts such an event makes it even less likely that I would participate. As these ladies illustrate, I am more apt to walk in the countryside down faint trails, far from the maddening crowd.

It is not very good weather for being an outdoor naturist today. There is a wind, the sky is overcast, rain fell early this morning, and the temperature hovers around 11C. It was good enough for me to mow the lawn in our back yard without the need to put on clothes. The trees and the fence helps create a windbreak allowing me to feel somewhat comfortable even when there is a lack of sunshine and cool temperatures.

I chose this particular photo because it is from Portugal. I will be going to Portugal in about fourteen months from now to walk the Camino Portugese from Lisbon to Santiago, Spain. Of course, I will have to walk with my clothing on as the world is not all that naturist friendly.

Carefully covered until it is safe for slipping out of clothing.

Carefully covered until it is safe for slipping out of clothing.

I have to pick and choose where and when I can be clothing free. It is no different here on the Canadian prairies. Most places I walk find me doing so with my clothes on. It is only once distant from habitation and active agriculture, usually when gravel roads turn into dirt roads that I often have the freedom to go as natural as the day I was born. I could challenge the agricultural community by risking walking nude where traffic would undoubtedly pass me by. But what is the point of this risk when there is so much open space available to me thus allowing me to enjoy my community without conflict when I return from my hiking au naturel.

I have a photo taken on a recent hike by my hiking companion as we made our way down a grid road to reach one of those fabled dirt roads that are now popular in country songs. Hmmm – maybe I’m a dirt road naturist.

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