Meditation and Oneness With the Universe

In the garden with so many thoughts running through me head.

In the garden with so many thoughts running through me head.

It is a very windy day here on the Canadian prairies. In a small way, this could be considered a good thing as it keeps the mosquitoes at bay, hidden in the grass. The sky is covered with a thin cloud haze which still allows sunshine to keep things warm. It was good enough for me to find a corner in my yard for my nude morning meditation.

Meditation is a vital part of my naturist practice. When thoughts appear to be running around without any concern for my own state of peaceful mind, I turn to meditation to still those rampant thoughts.

I have experimented with clothed meditation and nude meditation frequently over the years. That experimentation has led me to adopt the nude practice as the most favourable method. I practice a mindful meditation, one in which it is important to stay present rather than disappear into a trance-like state. Eyes slightly open, skin serving as a physical sensor, and hearing all working together to help keep me from falling down a rabbit hole where riotous fantasies, and chaotic thinking rule. Meditation, for me, isn’t a religious practice in terms of Buddhism, but more of a spiritual practice that is tied to my soul which has no links to any religious framework. For me, the open sky beneath the sun becomes my cathedral in which I find myself encompassed by the universe that is timeless and without boundaries.

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