Preparing for a Naturist Retreat

The weather is keeping me indoors. We had a few moments of sunshine, however it is mostly rain, wind, thunder and lightning. I took advantage of a break in the rain to plug in the camping trailer so that the refrigerator will be ready for packing in time for a naturist retreat near the end of the week. I packed a few things into the van which I use to tow the trailer.

I spent a good part of my day putting books into boxes along with consignment contracts for my book drop off road trip coming up in another two weeks. There is a lot of paper work to do in order to have everything in place.

Emma playing in the sand box in the dark.

Emma playing in the sand box in the dark

Unlike Emma, I don’t get to play in a sandbox in the day light or at night at my naturist retreat. No sand. However, like Emma, I will be wearing a smile. For three or four days I will not have to worry about pleasing, appeasing, anyone else. I simply get to be me. I don’t have to worry about offending anyone – well, that is as long as I stay within the safe boundaries of the retreat perimeter.

Talking about safe boundaries, Facebook doesn’t weigh in as a safe place in any way, shape or form. You want to escape violence? Facebook is a haven for violence up to and including beheading of humans. You want to escape stalking? Facebook wants you to avoid pseudonyms making it so much easier for those who want to make your life a living hell in cyberspace. You want to avoid body image issues? Facebook turns a blind eye to visual and textual assaults of those who are not up to the “norm” – and that includes the whole issue of gender identification. You want to be authentic and honest in presenting yourself – no can do. Cover up. They will let you parade around in a thong or other hyper-sexualized outfit as long as . . . well, that is a blurry line unless you are obviously a naturist. Porn stars get the benefit of the doubt while naturists are put on suspension or banned outright.

Facebook is a “private” enterprise that has become ubiquitous in the “public” sphere. It almost feels like a public space leaving us to begin to believe that we have “rights.” Yet, we don’t. I am still on suspension from Facebook because of a few of my blog posts. The images in those posts seemed to have offended someone, or more than one someone. However, the posts which have been deleted were only those that featured Emma. Methinks Facebook is misogynistic. Someone has mother complex issues who is reporting, and someone at Facebook shares the same anger.

13 thoughts on “Preparing for a Naturist Retreat

  1. Well put, Skyclad! We agree with you. Facebook has been nasty on real people like Emma and yourself. As naturists we have seen a very medieval view of even the most innocent pictures of any amount of bare skin.


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