No Apologies Needed For Being Natural

Melvin and Sandy catching some early Vitamin D rays in April.

M. and S. catching some  Vitamin D rays in April.

The naturist community is very friendly and accepting of others. I have met naturists of various ages from children to great grandparents. I have yet to find them to be judgemental about others regardless of body size and shape. It seems that with the clothes absent, there is a corresponding openness to relationship with others – that is unless there is a motivation on the part of one party for more than friendship. That is when things get complicated. But then again, that is the case regardless of whether one is wearing clothing or not.

M. and S. bringing in the New Year.

M. and S. bringing in the New Year.

M. and S. are friends of mine from one of the best naturist sites to be found. We have known each other for a few years and over that time have come to trust each other. There is a genuine acceptance of “other” in spite of differences that come with different countries and different interests.

Like me, they find the time and places where being out of their clothes is both safe and comfortable. Their home is as authentic as they are with gardening, gatherings of like-minded friends, and with joy as they do the work that is necessary to build a home. There is no apology needed to excuse their preferences to live as much as possible in their natural state. I am blessed with friends such as this couple.

In a few days, I am off to spend time with a different couple on an acreage where we will be clothing free as long as weather permits while out of doors. B. and N. have hosted us a few times with their annual spring naturist potluck BBQ. I get to take my camping trailer with us so that I can enjoy the freedom of life in the countryside au naturel.

6 thoughts on “No Apologies Needed For Being Natural

  1. Bravo! Terrific that you’ve met and nurtured friendships with like minded others. From which naturist site did you all meet? I am so eager to meet other naturists.

    Really enjoy your postings. Have read all of your books with great interest and enjoyment. Thank you for all that you do to shed light where it’s needed.



  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have found in my 50+ yrs of being a naturist that there is a refreshing non-judgmental freedom when we are all in our natural covering. Enjoy your trip.


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