Appease No More – Pt 2

Telling it like it is, naturally.

Telling it like it is, naturally.

Normally I would have cropped this photo so as to not offend anyone. However, it is likely that the only people who read posts at this blog site are naturists or nudists themselves. For others who aren’t naturists or nudists, I think most are open-minded enough to “expect” to see a fully “naturist” image when reading at this site.

The act of trying to appease the unknown is more a statement about myself than of others. The roots of trying to appease go deep, back in time to early childhood. At some point, the reactive motions of the present need to let go of the triggers of the past. Learning to be present in this immediate time space is vital for all of us on our life journeys. At some point each of us needs to be fully and honestly ourselves and not hiding behind walls built in the past based on fear.

Fear is the operative word. It is a toxin that permeates all of our interactions with others. We fear censure, we fear getting into legal conflict, we fear having those we care about abandon us, we fear our own shadows (the skeletons, the ghosts, and the memories of our individual pasts), and we fear our communities which appear to be hell-bent on controlling us as much as possible. Our social media is just an extension of those communities. Mob mentality becomes judge and jury and even social-presence executioner. The mob decides what is “acceptable.” The mob punishes when that fuzzy line of acceptability is crossed. So, we as individuals, train ourselves to hide most of who and what we are.

This is not about morality, this mob-mentality. It is simply people and organisations fighting its own shadow. The enemy is out there, the enemy is personal and collective shadow unconsciously projected onto those who show less fear, or worse, no fear.

I can’t change Facebook or other social media sites. I can challenge them, shake them up. To acquiesce is to feed and reinforce the mob-mentality. Silence is a vote of confidence in the mob-mentality that is the foundation for social media. It is better to create new portals, new networks where the freedom to be honest and authentic are possible as the mob is challenged. At some point, lights may turn on.

Now it the time to “appease no more.” Now, about the photo. I am holding my naturist novel which you can order from Amazon.Com 🙂

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