Appease No More – Pt 1

At one with nature and at peace with the self.

At one with nature and at peace with the self.

As the blog title suggests, it’s time to say “Enough is enough!” Like others in the recent path behind me who said enough is enough in the “Idle No More,” movement, I am making a personal choice to stop enabling the anti-nudity majority. I refuse to give up authority over myself to people who, regardless of who I am or what I am, will never have respect for me.

I can understand why they are unable to respect life choices of others; these “anti-everything”others have no real respect for themselves. Everything they disrespect about themselves is projected upon others. The more and greater their self-hate and self-disrespect, the more strident their voices and efforts to punish others. It shows up in all areas of their lives, not just in the world of naturism. Not able to control their own “shadow,” they do their damnedest to control others.

Walk into any staff room of any world of work enterprise and you will encounter the individual and collective shadow operating. Those with the most repressed shadow contents become the workplace and staffroom bullies. This phenomenon is not limited to staff rooms, it shows up in committees where someone always seems to emerge as the most powerful voice who is unwilling to back down from a stance forcing the others to acquiesce or quit in protest. It shows up in gatherings of friends. It shows up in classrooms and in school hallways. In any of these or other scenarios “appeasement” doesn’t resolve any issue to a level of satisfaction. So, why should appeasement work when adopted as a method of navigating the outer world that is basically anti-nude or simply indifferent to naturism and nudism?

The image I chose for today’s post is a first step in declaring “appease no more.” It is a real picture of a real man. It isn’t a “suggestive” photo. It isn’t photoshopped in hopes of obtaining an idealised image. It is simply me. I am saying I’ve had enough of censorship.

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