Appeasement of the Offended Majority – Pt 2

An old soul that has finally found peace in self.

An old soul that has finally found peace in self.

It has taken a long time to find peace in myself. The doubts have been replaced with confidence. Yet, when it comes time to post a photo, the confidence seems to wither a bit. I find myself doing some judicious cropping so as to not offend any of my readers. The photos then offer some evidence that I am truly skyclad, that it isn’t all talk without the action to affirm the words. I guess I am still telling the truth and illustrating that truth in images. But, something insidious is happening below the surface. I find myself undermining my own words.

In an attempt to appease some unknown reader, I censor myself and present what is now being called “Facebook Friendly” images. And, I am not the only one. Besides the strategy of “cropping” images to remove “offending” butt creases and genitals, we use judicious placement of hands and arms, or more creatively, photo-edited stickies to cover nipples, butts and genitals.

All of the strategies then “somewhat” appease the angry presences that want us gone from all social media. I say somewhat because where complete nudity is evident in spite of following the rules, images get reported and removed because someone was still “offended.” The more we appease, the less satisfied are those who have made a mission to recraft the human race in their image – fully clothed and asexual. And in the process, we find our rights to be “authentic” disappear beneath the waves of outrage.

We retreat in fear behind closed doors, behind drawn curtains, and even then we keep a wrap or cover-up handy just in case it is needed. We become prisoners in our homes. If we become a bit less fearful we build high walls, privacy fences, so that we can dare to be outside when the weather permits.

However, for many, the right to be bare only comes within the confines of a gated area with strict rules to keep naturists inside and everyone else outside; or, within the permitted resorts that cater to nakations. This isn’t to say that resorts and other naturist options are not appreciated and valued; however, there is a difference in being hidden away, and choosing a secluded place for a needed retreat from noise and too much interaction.

We appease and then wonder why those whom we appease aren’t more willing to give as well as receive. We somehow are shocked that instead of easing up, the “reaction” focuses on increasing restrictions and out-right banning of nudity. A policy of appeasement doesn’t work. It has never worked in the preludes to wars and other bloody conflicts or in negotiations of most economic endeavours. Giving others power has the effect of having them want even more power.

There is a need for any and all who value personal authority for “self” to reclaim that authority from the “others” who have their own personal agendas. What do you value about yourself, your planet and your relationship to the world?

I will return to continue this theme of reclaiming the “Self.”

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