Appeasement of the Offended Majority

Proud to be authentic and natural.

Proud to be authentic and natural.

Emma pays us another visit on the blog site (with permission) to add her voice to the growing assemblage of naturists who are fed up at being demonized for being honest about who they are and what they believe in – the right of humans to not wear clothes. Yet, for all the
bravery, we cover up a bit even when we are free of our clothing when there is a chance that we might disturb or offend someone.

Body painting and naturally "self."

Body painting and naturally “self.”

Living in a culture that has a fear of the nude human body, we find ourselves at odds with that society. It doesn’t matter that we have risked being authentic to ourselves. The phobia others have of their own bodies are transferred, projected onto anyone who doesn’t resonate with their belief systems that have the naked human body as somehow being something to fear to sometimes the point of irrational panic and believed trauma. So we ask ourselves “Do we wear the minimum of clothing in order to keep the peace, in order to stay on the right side of our communities?”

The problem with covering up is that clothing enhances the “sexuality” of the subject. The briefer the clothing, the more the “other” may become “excited.” Our culture then blames the scantily covered with “asking to be raped or sexually assaulted.” Yet, curiously, certain clothing or activities seem to tell us a different story of the human psyche. Take part in body painting and the naked body becomes “art.” Well, that is true with the exception of body-painted males. A painted penis is still a psychological threat to the collective psyche.

It's time for a picnic and to be at one with self and nature.

It’s time for a picnic and to be at one with self and nature.

Naked Bike rides are a different story. Here, hundreds can ride down main streets of cities, drawing crowds numbering into the thousands, most armed with cameras to record the nudity passing before them. No one is offended, no one is traumatized.  Logic doesn’t enter into the equation.

Yet, given a simple natural scene that is as far away from the possibility of being suggestive or inviting in a sexual context, all hell breaks loose. It is precisely the images of naturalness, non-sexuality, innocence, and otherwise simply being a normal human doing something incredibly normal (perhaps even boring) that infuriates the collective who raise their voices in injured protest asking the authorities to deal harshly with us for disturbing them with our presence, with our evident joy in simply being alive and at one with the world.

The response of most naturists and nudists is to appease the angered, the collective mob. And in doing this, we empower that mob thus worsening the situation for all who dare to go bare. I will have a lot more to say about this in future posts.

6 thoughts on “Appeasement of the Offended Majority

  1. Emma, you’re my kind of naturist woman! Bold, articulate and logical, I agree with you 110%. Growing up, I always heard “the majority rules,” but in some situations, the majority becomes a bully. There’s a place for minority groups in our society and, at some point, they need to be heard. Yes, NEED.

    I see no reason that naturists can’t co-exist with clothed people. I mean, where’s the harm? All that drivel about harming young minds is just that–drivel. The sight of a naked person isn’t going to bring down the pillars of Western (or Eastern, for that matter) civilization, especially if all they’re doing is going naked.

    Well, you get the point, I’m sure. Emma, keep up the good work. Naturism needs sensible ladies like you in its midst. Let me know (and anyone else) if you’d like to receive The Naked Truth Naturists’ “newdsletter. I send it once a month (free). All I need is your e-mail request (with a brief “hello” bio).

    Naturist Lens, feel free to publish my e-mail.



  2. Hello you are my king of person. I would love to be able to go out and shoping but I don’t want to cause trouble for the other nudist. I feel like a animal that has been put in a pen I hope some day we all can just get along living and shopping side by side.


  3. I think you’re being a tad generous towards a lot of those offended by simple non-sexual nudity.

    While I agree there are many that are of the opinion that skimpy = asking for it and nude = begging for it the relationship between nudity and sex is so ingrained that no matter how many times you try to explain some just don’t see it because “they know the truth about what goes on in those places”. The assumption that nude resorts a places for sexual hookups and worse family friendly nude venues are the domain of pedophiles is an almost impossible opinion to change. Even by direct confrontation like “So are you now saying Kim and I are into partner swapping? That we’re swingers?”

    Oddly enough in the decade plus we’ve been going to nude venues / cruises we’ve never been approached, at least that we’re aware of, by those in the lifestyle. Yet outside of this in, for want of a better term, mainstream society, we have been on two or three separate occasions. Two or three? Well we’re not that good at reading people sometimes twice it was very obvious. The third well not 100% sure but we think it was.


  4. What’s wrong with being nude whether male or female young or elderly and of any size. In Malta the majority of saunas are segregated and the majority of women who breast feed use a cover.


  5. A classic comment somebody added to the Southern Daily Echo website’s report of the Southampton WNBR: “I am truly sorry for you if you think the human body is offensive, if you really feel this about Gods creation please feel free to give yours back.”.


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