The Healing Power of Being Honest

My latest book is now on sale.

My latest book is now on sale.

“Healing a Broken Man” is now on sale in various locations, as well as on-line at Amazon. It is the final book in the autobiographical series that hopefully sheds light on why a rather ordinary man somehow found his path to healing via naturism, Buddhism, and Jungian psychology. The focus is on the movement from unconscious presence to becoming aware of all the warts, bruises, scrapes, and stains on the psyche. The work was not simply one of removing clothing, it was a serious peeling off of layers of denial and ferreting out skeletons from the closet.

It is a naturist book at its core, a testament to the healing power of being honest in one’s body, mind and soul. Now that it is being distributed, first in my home community, my neighbours get to understand a bit more of that strange man who is rumoured to sometimes be naked. Was it a courageous act to write this story? I don’t think so, it was more about spilling one’s guts out, like purging after drinking or eating too much, a purging that allows one to finally breath again. I hope you take the chance on ordering the book and reading it. If you are interested, the book can be found at CreateSpace and at Amazon.

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