There Is A Need To Take Offense

Sunshine brings smiles and an embracing of life right down to one's bare skin.

Sunshine brings smiles and an embracing of life right down to one’s bare skin.

This is Emma. She is a friend of mine who has just been booted from Facebook for three days due to this photo. When I saw the photo, I was envious of the warmth evident in the photo and the fact that she was able to enjoy the sunshine without the need to hide either her inner or outer self with physical or psychological camouflage.

Like many others, I have issues with S.A.D., a condition that has me flee the northern plains for a sub-tropical climate when daylight hours wane and temperatures dip so much that one doesn’t dare naturist outdoor activities, let alone when one is wrapped up in multi-layers of protective material. With the nearness of warmer temperatures, most of the naturists I know are busy sending messages in order to arrange for nude potluck BBQs, meetups in backyard swimming pools, and a nakation at some safe naturist location.

For me, it is a two hour drive for meeting up with another couple when both of us are free (work and other commitments), and a four hour drive to Green Haven Sun Club here in Saskatchewan. It will be a few weeks before I can get to walk au naturel in the hills away from people who are not the most tolerant of nudity, even if it is a solitary figure walking down a dusty, dirt road. In the mean time, I take the opportunities that present themselves in between the marketing activity for my books to be nude at home and in my private yard. I am fortunate that my neighbours know and have no issue of me being nude within these confines.

Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites are less tolerant. The sight of a nipple, buttocks, or even worse, the frontal view of genitals is viewed as something worse than terrorism. Friends have lost their accounts, been banned for various lengths of time, and often harassed because of perceived nudity. For Emma, the suggestion that one can see her nipples was all it took. Yet, if she or I posted images of people being beheaded, overtly sexually provocative, or of any sort of violence including violence against women and children – there is no offense taken and all is well.

Think about it. At what point do we take offense and then take ethical action to turn the tables so that we promote a healthier and more peaceful world?

10 thoughts on “There Is A Need To Take Offense

  1. ..
    Face Crook… I ceased being active there nearly two years ago.
    They send me email up dates every day trying to get me to return…
    Also I don’t Smoke and I don’t chew or all that other crap will I do.

    Now a sip of wine.. Pat S..


  2. Well said! Violence is the true pornography but because we see it everyday real or enacted on TV and the media it seem’s to be regarded as somehow acceptable, yet show a female nipple buttocks or heaven forbid a penis and all hell breaks loose. What a sad world we live in.


  3. Facebook banned this post; I am astonished as to why. A beautiful image with not one suggestion of sexuality about it. We are subjected to so much violence on Facebook; violence against children, women and animals. Apparently Facebook have no issues with us viewing brutal acts [halal slaughter, dogs being tortured, women being stoned to death] . Show the slightest hint of a woman’s breast, or of a woman breastfeeding her child and that becomes a cardinal sin. What a skewed perspective of the world some have.


  4. Ridiculous double standards. If everyone was a naturist there would be fewer problems with young people and body image that lead to eating disorders and so much unhappiness. I suspect that there would also be more tolerance, less aggression and more respect for one’s fellow human beings. Being able to accept each other for who we are, not what we are or how much we have, is the key to peace and harmony.


  5. how many times does it have to be said before it sinks into the mire that is your brain,if not for female nipples so many of us would not have been fed as babies. there is but one difference between male and female nipples. the sex. for heavens sake get this false morality out of dickensian times and celebrate the beauty of the human body.
    wise up rule makers and come into the 21st century. equality for both sexes is way overdue.


  6. Agree. The more censorship that occurs, only drives a wedge between free expression the utility of a bulletin board. Unfortunate for those that value freedom.


  7. I totally agree with you. I stopped using Facebook (is the devil and users pay with their souls) after un-substantiated and false accusations destroyed a colleagues holiday employment and cost me business. This was after a self-imposed ban of nearly a year due to dissatisfaction with their handling of a complaint I made. My 13y.o. son had been sent one of those chain emails saying share this or it shows you approve of the subject matter. It depicted a young couple or Middle-Eastern or (west) Asian appearance tied together at wrists ankle and waists and hung by the neck from a tree. They were obviously dead and had on-lookers. FB replied that the image did not contravene their “community standards” and as such would not be removed.
    Despite constant pleading from my wife, I will not use that hypocritical and abhorrent “service” again.


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