Waiting to be Outside and Warm

Waiting to be outside and warm.

Waiting to be outside and warm.

The weather has turned cooler for the past few days and it looks like it will stay that way for the next few days. I will soon be off to visit my American grandchildren and will be gone from home for almost a week. While I am there I will be picking up an order of books so that they can be sold in Canada. I save a bit of money and that means more money for the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre. It all counts.

I have somehow found myself writing again, but not on the novel as I had expected. I have decided to revisit my psychology series and have them formatted and expanded so that they can join the other books at Amazon on their bookshelves. The old version of the books done with a photography book publisher were much too expensive to even consider buying for most people. Presenting them as second editions allows me to have the books be better and bigger, but also significantly cheaper in the process. That said, I haven’t given up on the novel. I will continue writing it, just a bit slower and hopefully more thoughtfully.

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