The Problem of Trying to Control Others

Morning coffee.

Morning coffee.

It’s a cool morning in Red Deer where I am visiting my son and his family. When I stepped outside to check weather conditions, it was 2 C. with a light breeze making it feel like -1 C. I was surprised that it actually didn’t feel all that cold. I was the only one up at that point having just made coffee.

It wasn’t long before the others woke up and I found myself back in clothing. I love being naked, but I am comfortable being clothed around others when it makes life so much simpler. Let’s face it, we live in a world where most people interact with the world with their clothes on for a variety of reasons. For most people, it is simply the “normal” way of being in the world. They aren’t wrong for feeling this way, for in the larger picture of the human species, being covered is the norm. That said, it also isn’t wrong for me to be clothing free.

There is no right way or wrong way in spite of what various groups try to convince us. If there is a right way, it is decided on a personal level of one person. Any attempt to control others in terms of wearing or not wearing clothing is the real issue. Simple nudity that is simply being present in the world, is not the real threat that so many worry about. Rather, it is the issue that the nudity has control objectives that are aimed at others – a sexual agenda or other power agenda. One has to examine one’s motive for reacting to the nudity of another person, or one’s own nudity. Therein lays the answers.

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