Earth Day On The Road

Working in the garden.

Working in the garden.

Yes, today I am driving to visit more of my family and so will not have an opportunity to write, so this post was prepared in advance so that you can have something to read about Earth Day from a naturist’s perspective. First off, naturism includes nature. Nature includes the air, earth, water, the elements of weather, plants, animals, and the unadorned basic human – naked. Putting on clothing, engaging in activity that requires one to be distant from the primary forms of nature eats away at one’s soul as a human.

One can be nude, working in an office in the middle of the city with central air conditioning and central heating working with technology, and still be a naturist for nature doesn’t exclude man-made environments. Everything comes from nature. Everything shares the same building block components at the quantum level. Naturism is is a state of mind that is open rather than oppressively bounded by walls, ideologies, fears, anger, and hate. Somehow nature in its primal form allows those negative factors to be eased enough so that a human can breathe with a fullness that is otherwise constrained.

In today’s photo, I show a human body in full contact with the earth, feet in direct contact with the ground and body in direct contact with the air. It is a celebration of freedom to do and be authentic. I truly hope that you find your opportunities to be free, clothing free, and in direct communion with our Mother Earth.

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