Returning to Blogging and Enjoying Sunshine

These are the first blossoms to appear in our garden on the prairies.

These are the first blossoms to appear in our garden on the prairies.

It has been some time since I last wrote up a post that talked about life and naturism in general. After spending so much time in Mexico writing my latest book and with the past two weeks focused on visiting family and getting the book published, I haven’t had the opportunity [read mind space] to authentically engage here. Well, that is starting to change. I will still be very busy as I travel first to the west-north-west to visit one of my children and his family, and then south-east to visit one of my daughters and her family. The travelling will be around 3000 kilometres in all over the next two and a half weeks beginning on Friday, Earth Day.

I have scheduled posts for Thursday and Friday so that there will be some momentum put into operation. Thursday’s post will feature the opening pages of a new work, a novel that follows up the story begun in the novel, A Small Company of Pilgrims. I had already begun this book before heading to Mexico at the start of the year, but I have decided to begin the story as if it was seamlessly following the first novel. I would love to hear your responses to the opening. Naturism and nudity will become a vital component of the story, but always in appropriate places for the story line. If I had to characterise the story, it would be psychological, naturist fantasy. For those of you who have read the novel, you will know what I mean about the “fantasy” component.

Friday’s post will focus on Earth Day, something that is very important to me. I celebrate Earth Day as many days of the year as I can as a naturist or while wearing clothing. The earth needs us to care. As for other topics to come, that will be a surprise for both of us, you the reader and me the writer of the posts.

Today’s photo was taken just before I wrote this post, a scene from my garden here on the Canadian prairies. For a few days, at least, we are able to be comfortably nude outdoors, celebrating sunshine and whatever else is important to us.

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