Sitting Meditation While Skyclad

Meditation in the sea

Meditation in the sea

For the first six weeks in Mexico this year, I have not been doing sitting meditation. It seemed that every time I sat down my head would race to wander through the story I am busy writing. It became so frustrating to find the next word or sentence popping up in my head which then sent me back to the computer before those words could be lost. I have tried simply letting those words sit quietly in my head to wait for meditation to end, but they only ended up getting lost and then having me get angry about losing those words.

As a result, I turned to walking meditation. As in sitting meditation, it was all about the breath, feeling the inspiration and exhalation of each breath. Walking used up the energy that grew out of that attention to breathing. Between the walking and the breathing, I was able to tame my mind so that I could simply be in the sunshine attentive to the environment of sun, sand, and sea without needing to make mental judgements.

Now that the first draft has been completed and I now have the beginning, the body and the ending of the story in place, I am returning to sitting meditation which I can do skyclad. By necessity of environment, walking meditation had me wear a bathing suit, the least I could wear. There are six weeks remaining before I head home to Canada, plenty of time to regain the habit of sitting meditation au naturel, plenty of time to complete the book’s rewrite.

4 thoughts on “Sitting Meditation While Skyclad

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  3. A simple question:
    In recent times, I’m not getting enough energy or enthusiasm from inside to do any kind of work, though I’m fully fit physically. And in crunch situations, I’m taking wrong decisions which are hampering my progress.
    Do you think, Nudity and Meditation both will help me in any way?


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