Writing And Exposure

Cooked under the Caribbean sun, I am changing more than just in colour.

Cooked under the Caribbean sun, I am changing more than just in colour.

I am writing at a good pace, the final book of my Broken Road series. In this book I give a prominent place to naturist as a path for psychological transformation to better mental health. So far, more than 50,000 words are committed to the first draft.

As I write each chapter, I send a copy to my wife to read so that I can confirm that what I intended to say is actually said, and said in a manner that does no harm to others in the process. After all, the book is my story and has no authority to tell the stories of others. I sense that the story is rushing towards a completion in the not-too-distant-future. And, as with all of my writing, it will sit still for a bit before I return to it from cover-to-cover in order to make corrections, additions, and deletions so that the tale is ready to share with others, before I dare publish it.

This book needs that extra care and attention because it tells all in my world about my being a naturist, the why and the how of it all. Some are aware because they read my blog posts, or have seen my Naked Poetry books; yet, most in my extended family and community are unaware of my naturism. So, in a way, there is a risk that is waiting to be taken when I bring the book out from the confines of the computer into the real world.

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