The Compulsion To Be Nude and To Be Seen

Standing at the front of the casa in the tiny garden looking out onto the street in the mid-afternoon.

Standing at the front of the casa in the tiny garden looking out onto the street in the mid-afternoon.

The landlady is away so the nudist will play. Yes, that about sums it up. It was a very safe location for a photo as the trees and the wall do add a measure of privacy in spite of the gate which allows all to see into the front yard. The casa is a decorative place that was hand-painted with a variety of colours by the current owner’s mother who was an artist who lived in Mexico for a fair number of years.

What is it about needing to keep a low profile in the public eye that somehow has so many naturists and nudists push the boundaries of “safe nudity” risking exposure to an unsuspecting public that really doesn’t want to see nude people while they shop for fruit, buy a vegan meal, stock up at the seafood merchant’s, or get their bicycle repaired (neighbouring businesses on the street outside the gate)? Why do we risk, especially when we have a good-sized space that allows us total freedom? I know that I have this compulsion to test the limits and I am fully aware of so many others who do the same thing.

And when others do see us nude by accident, just how accidental was the event? There is more to what we do than we are conscious of in our behaviours. There is a bit of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in everyone – that part of the self that slips out and does things, says things, without the consent of the ego, the conscious self. We all have instances when we say in confusion when confronted by evidence, “Did I do that? Did I say that? Are you sure?” In all of these instances, a shadow aspect of self is deliberately letting us know something is going on within us, something that we are desperately trying to deny.

In all of such incidents, we can’t categorise the behaviour as exhibitionist when it comes to nudity. There is a different. Exhibitionist behaviour is a deliberate act to shock, to dare in order to get a shot of adrenalin that gives us ego inflation. We know what we are going to do, plan it, and execute it in spite of the likelihood of getting caught with our pants down. The work of the shadow is something else. When it acts on our behalf, we are as shocked as the people who witness our vulnerability.

And then there is the middle territory where the compulsion is seen, and one is aware but somehow not quite in control. One becomes a bystander witnessing the event, trying at the same time to moderate the exposure and the risk. Who said being a human is anything but a messy thing?

6 thoughts on “The Compulsion To Be Nude and To Be Seen

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  2. Yes we have pushed the boundaries on many occasions. Me far more than my wife. That’s a point for another blog, men desiring to be seen nude more than women. I personally work in my yard and around in my garage with the door up while nude, a great deal of the time. My nudity has been witnessed by neighbors, passing vehicles and even those out for a walk through the neighborhood. This is simple non sexual nudity while working and no one has ever complained. However there is the unexplained moments when with no fore thought I will see a vehicle approaching I walk fully nude out of my garage to the middle of my driveway and turn towards my storage building. By doing so I’m easily seen from a close distance walking as my cock flops about. Several different mail carriers, delivery people, real estate people, utility people and a host of other strangers passing have witnessed this act. Five minutes later I’m thinking, “what are you doing” ? I leave it to the unexplained.


  3. I think that we want something to be accepted as “normal”, nudity, even though we know that most people won’t accept nudity as being “normal”. During the summer, when the RV park I live in is virtually deserted, I go out sometimes after dark nude, even testing how far I can walk without being seen. I can’t do that during the day because it is against the rules in the park and against the law in this county. Mine isn’t the daring-do of wanting to be seen, rather it is trying to see how far I can push the limits without being seen. If I get caught, I might have to endure a ride in a police car, and find an eviction-notice on my door when I get back home.


  4. I think that there are many exhibitionist who claim they are nudist as well as nudist who have a daring exhibitionist compelling as well. I am a nudist who is also an exhibitionist, I love being out of my clothes any opportunity that I can. I also find it much more free being this way around others. There is definitely a thrill being so open, but this can be done also without sexual connotations.

    I enjoy the opportunity to be nude and quite a few of our friends have known I do nudism and some have seen for themselves. Like other posters, I have been seen by delivery people, meter readers and solicitors, most times were accidental but enjoyable for me. I also do nude figure modeling for artists, colleges, and amateur photographers. Often very open discussions about nudism experiences come up and the textiles actually get to learn another view about nudism.

    I will say the biggest awareness change was in my own wife who prefers to be a textile, was so surprised when she joined me to a stay at an overnight :lot hinges optional campground in VT. She commented that I am not usually this open and relaxed in life, but saw how comfortable and calm I was surrounded by others of lime mindset. She saw me social able and communicating with everyone. I have told her for years that peoplease are more open when they are not hiding behind their suits and uniforms.


  5. I have been seen naked several times on my ritual lunch break skinny dips and not once has it been negative, I only get naked if I’m fairly certain nobody is there (cobwebs across the track/lack of fresh footprints on the track etc) so I don’t deliberately want to be seen… but I do feel inspired/gratified when I am seen nude and there is no issue.

    One memorable moment was last year when two girls aged about 20 or so came walking down the rock ledge just as I emerged from the water and getting ready to leave, I grabbed my shorts and started to put them on when I saw movement out of teh corner of my eye and the two girls were standing right above me just as I got my pants up, they both said “oh sorry!” and I said ” no I’m sorry, I thought I was the only one out here today because there was cobwebs across the track”

    One of the girls replied “no we’re sorry for you that you were seen naked and embarrassed you” I laughed and said “far from it!.. I get naked out here a lot” we had a laugh about it and chatted as the girls continued along the rock ledge as I took the track above them and back towards my car.

    It was a real boost to my ego that I had not offended someone with my nudity 🙂


  6. I have noticed that many of the people that join naturist and nudist groups in social media, have a flair of exhibitionism. Not everyone of course wants to do that, many just want to befriend and enjoy the different opportunities to learn more and study the different aspects of naturism or nudism. I have meet some people on Facebook that are quite militant about wanting to have the right to walk around nude in their respective communities, without consequence. However, these same people get quite upset if we don’t have like minds. The exhibitionists are in my view a little less militant and more likely to get caught at some point for their daring behavior. Personally I prefer to go to my nearby resorts or nude friendly places, where my wife’s and my thrill are to remove ourselves from the limiting surroundings and enjoy nature and relax. I don’t want to force my views in other people, just like I would not want anyone else to force their views on me. Somehow the nudist militants are, I fear, exhibiting that kind of behavior. At times even proposing that they do not intend to sto on nudity but they also want to perform sexual intercourse in public. Their argument is that this is nudity and sex in public should be natural. I don’t think this is acceptable, there are things that should remain private.
    This society has not mature enough to engage in a dialog regarding social nudism to be commonplace as it is in Germany, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand and other few countries in the world. Suffice it to say, I wold not be at all excited to be seen or walk nude around my town or other places where my nudity would be offensive. Nor will I do it to shock people with my behavior. I would however, protest nude if the cause was worthy enough to call the attention of a government to redress a grievance.


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