You Can't Ever Please Anyone, Let Alone Everyone

Preparing to write up today's blog post. Over 100 visitors yesterday.

Preparing to write up today’s blog post. Over 100 visitors yesterday.

A new month and I have been able to get through January without too much of a problem in maintaining a regular presence here on the Naturist Lens. I am beginning to find it a bit difficult to be creative in terms of photos when it comes to what is possible in the casita and the garden. I guess it will be necessary to find some photo opportunities outside of this small safe have at some point in the future.

Today my wife took the trimmer to my back, something she does once a week so that I don’t get to look like a bear ready for hibernation. This is something that I have been doing for a few years now that I dare to go out in public without a tee-shirt or when appropriate without clothing period. If I don’t trim off the excess, it would be very difficult for people to know that I have skin because of the thick and mostly very dark hair that covers my whole body. No one ever told me that I was too hairy or that I looked unappealing because of the body hair. It is just a choice that I have made.

For twenty years I wore a full beard which meant that people could see my nose and my eyes with little else visible. Then, one of my children asked me what I really looked like. Of course I remembered what I looked like when I didn’t wear a beard and wasn’t afraid of scaring her or her brother and sister. However, I knew that if I was going to shave off the beard, I had to make sure that the three kids were with me to see it happen. The last thing I wanted to do was shock them by suddenly appearing without the beard. I forgot to include my wife in the process and she cried when she saw me clean shaven. Our kids saw what was behind the beard and it was okay. I was still their papa regardless of whether or not I had facial hair. The hair wasn’t who I was.

Society has no issue with a man shaving his face every day. Even though the majority of men over fifty have a beard or other facial hair, that hair is usually groomed. When it comes to women, shaving the legs and/or under arms is not considered inappropriate in the least. Yet there is not the same latitude of freedom of choice for a male. Even though the majority of women prefer the appearance of men without hair on their back, it is somehow considered “unnatural” for a man to remove that hair.

Does the hair make the man, or the removal of hair undo his gender? My children taught me twenty years ago that it didn’t make a difference one way or the other. I was still the same man, the same father with or without the hair. But of course we all know, but too many among us want to “control” what we do or don’t do when it comes to our private, individual bodies. They want to define us, even if just through subtle measures. For example, one of my neighbours stated her preferences when it came to my hair somehow assuming that I would somehow change to measure up to what she thought was best for “me.” No such luck. If I can somehow manage to measure up to myself, I’m doing well.

One thought on “You Can't Ever Please Anyone, Let Alone Everyone

  1. Funny. I was recently getting a procedure in the hospital and when the anesthesiologist lifted the hospital gown he said. Have you never heard of evolution? To add insult to injury one side effect of a recent chemo drug is “hirsutism”. I just claimed close ancestry to cro-magnon man.

    He then asked me to sit up so he could check out where to place monitoring leads on my back and he just said, “oh christ!”

    Time to get out the hedge trimmer I guess! 🙂


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