Honouring the Differences in a Relationship

Differences don't have to divide us.

Differences don’t have to divide us.

I loved this photo the moment I saw it. It could have been a photo of my wife and I taken more than forty years ago if one thinks in terms of the ages of the young man and woman in the photo.

We are different in so many ways, a difference that has been accentuated as we aged. I am like this young man, naked in heart and spirit and, when circumstances permit, in body. She loves clothes, feels comfortable in clothing. Yet, that doesn’t prevent her from crossing her comfort zone boundaries to be with me when the social situation is naturist. In turn, I respect her choice to be clothed and to take part in her social situations that require clothing. It has become a curious dance of give and take.

One of the dangers in a relationship is found in the belief that a couple has to agree on everything. As soon as one partner banishes a certain value or belief so that harmony in a relationship can be maintained, the relationship and the individual is in serious trouble. Only healthy individuals can make a healthy relationship. If that means one embraces naturism while the other doesn’t, the relationship can survive and thrive through respecting the choices of the other. If the relationship can’t survive the differences, then the relationship is doomed and will either come apart or the individuals will come apart.

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