A Natural Woman

Magical Other

Magical Other

I am going to borrow some images from the past to use in this post with the hope that I don’t offend anyone in any way. As well, I am going to borrow a few other images from FB of friends who I have found to be “real” people, “natural women.” If at some point, a person wants a photo removed, simply ask. With that, I will begin the post dedicated to the natural woman. This first photo is my wife. She is my Magical Other. For those who have bought my poetry books, you will recognise her instantly. She is in her sixties with this photo taken less than a year ago.  Is she a natural woman? In her opinion, yes. She accepts who she is and her body as it is. She is confident being herself without worrying about the opinions of others when it comes to body image and personal identity.

Healing Through Naked Prayer

Naked Prayer

I was fortunate to be able to have other women allow me to use their photos in my photo books which are still available for purchase at Amazon.

Daring a Natural Life

Daring a Natural Life

These women have adopted a belief system that says the hell with having other people control their body image.  These women have managed to thrive in a world that would have them hide their natural beauty.

Natural form

Woman birthing herself

They have claimed control of their own destiny, defined themselves rather than having the men in their lives define them, rather than having media define them.

In the process of daring to be real people with real bodies they have earned the respect of those around them in the face-to-face world. There is an authenticity that refuses to be compromised, refuses to be tamed and constrained.

With the doors pried open so that they can be the women that exist beneath the skin, Natural women  evoke the goddess in all women. And, in the process, they become part of the archetypal Great Mother, the energy force that birthed a universe.

3 thoughts on “A Natural Woman

  1. I personally know two of these women and a distant friendship with the other two. What you written here is very true concerning all of them. As amn I truly appreciate the outward beauty displayed by their images here but even more so the inner beauty all four of them have displayed as well. Natural women such as these four are the goddesses of the earth.


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