Writing in the Sunshine

Curious puppy while I write in the garden.

Curious puppy while I write in the garden.

It’s a beautiful day here in Puerto Morelos, a cool and very breezy, sunny day. The beach walk will likely happen this afternoon when it is warmer. Until then, I have time to write.

Book three in the “Broken Road” series is well on its way. As I write, now more than thirteen thousand words, I am discovering so much about the response of the unconscious self to the effects of childhood trauma being revealed, bit by bit. This third book is about midlife – midlife crisis – which sets the scene for all sorts of disturbing changes and responses to ordinary life. I read an article earlier about the signs that one is finally coming to grips with stuff that has kept us imprisoned in a provisional life. Basically it comes down to accepting the call to an authentic life or pushing back and denying anything and everything that would expose the darkness of the past, denying the path ahead in favour of maintaining the status quo regardless of how bleak and boring that status quo is. It’s all about taking the risk to make the journey, our personal Odyssey or epic voyage of self-discovery in an amazing world.

The novel is on hold with the first seven thousand words committed to a document. For me, it is first things first. The same goes for poetry. All that will wait until the time is ripe for their emergence. Now, back to writing.

3 thoughts on “Writing in the Sunshine

  1. Great picture Robert. A perfect picture for a caption contest!! 🙂

    Like, “is that guy really naked?”

    Even puppies know what a camera lens is and don’t want to miss a selfie moment!


    • LOL! I have been known to do that on a number of occasions with not only manuscripts, but poetry and photography as well. I am not immune to being irrational.


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