Bill of Human Rights Includes the Right of Choice to be Nude

Bill of Human Rights 

In this world that spans continents, nations, states, communities and scattered rural habitations, human beings have universal rights and freedoms that cannot be usurped by any social organisation or individuals.  A social organisation is present when two or more humans are gathered together regardless if the reason is for entertainment, government, religion, service, or other reason.

  1. The right to life. Upon birth, each human is accorded the right to life. It is recognised that every human will suffer death at some point in time, however, that death cannot be precipitated by any other human or social organisation.
  2. The right to death. At any point in time once a person has reached maturity, a person can make a decision to end his or her life. In the case of such a decision where there is a living will requesting an end to life when certain conditions are met, the living will takes precedence over the demands of any other person or persons who have been given the power of attorney or guardianship.
  3. The right to worship. No law can obstruct an individual’s right to worship when the form of worship does not do harm to any person. Harm is defined as emotional, physical, psychological, verbal, or sexual. The right to worship does not give any individual the right to terrorise or deny the right to worship of others.
  4. The right to medical service.
  5. The right to adequate and nutritious food, as well as potable water.
  6. The right to shelter.
  7. The right to safety.
  8. The right to live in peace.
  9. The right to choose the manner in which one lives without negatively impacting on the rights of others.
  10. The right to gather with others.
Free hiking doesn't interfere with the rights of others.

Free hiking doesn’t interfere with the rights of others.

No individual or social organisation can discriminate in any form or manner which results in any of these basic human rights being violated. Discrimination can be defined as sexual, religious, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or any refusal to give service or attempt to deny the rights of an individual or group. No law shall be passed to deny individual rights.

International Naturist Federation gathering in Croatia.

International Naturist Federation gathering in Croatia.

I have refrained from including the right to be clothing free as it can be included in various rights listed above. Laws prohibiting being clothing free are currently built upon religious grounds or economic considerations. Such prohibitions against nudity are critical for the big business of fashion, clothing, pornography, alternative lifestyle resorts, and nudist organisations. Without prohibitive laws, economic activity will be forced to focus on real needs rather than manufactured needs. If you are interested in current beliefs about the hoped for bill of rights for nudists, please check out the AANR document here.

Humans are prone to breaking laws and doing dark deeds. Rather than focus on laws that try to define every potential dark deed, we need to think of what humans require, universally, for a good life. I think here first of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and then extend from there.

Of course, there is much more that needs to be considered to make this a truly worthy document. I humbly ask that you add in your thoughts here so that I can consider how to include what is necessary to ensure that all life is considered worthy.

2 thoughts on “Bill of Human Rights Includes the Right of Choice to be Nude

  1. Robert,

    I am not one of those “Philly” lawyers but I seriously doubt that any court would “read in” the right to be nude in public to the Universal Declaration. I don’t know if anyone has ever tested this in court or at the UN, but I really don’t think it would succeed based on the existing document.

    As for the AANR document, I guess item 3 is not honoured if one is on their own private property and is visible to the general public. Item 8 is an interesting one. I don’t know how often an employer would dismiss an employee because they found out they were a naturist but I guess it happens.

    As for the other items they seem self evident and probably not an issue in most liberal democracies.


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