Connecting With Self as Naked Soul

Almost time to go for a walk - just waiting for the rain to stop.

Almost time to go for a walk – just waiting for the rain to stop on the Mayan Riviera.

The workers are back in our garden to finish their project. I find myself inside again after a good part of the morning being spent in the garden area cleaning up some of their mess so that we have some visual relief until they haul away their construction rubbish. But now, I am indoors waiting for the showers to stop and the soup to finish cooking so that we can go for a walk around our fishing village. It’s not a beach walk day, a good thing as another day without intense sun will do my skin a world of good. The light pink has faded, but I want the hints of being on the edge of burning to be banished.

It is a treasured thing to have a residence that is surrounded by a high wall which allows me to be clothing free almost all of the time. Though my wife is not into being clothing free, she is supportive of my real need, perhaps best described as a psychological more than a physiological need. It’s as though I find myself breathing easier when the clothing is off. My whole being glows as though I have just emerged into sunshine after having been held in tight spaces far underground. I know that there is more to my being clothing free than some sort of philosophical or sociological statement. It some ways it almost seems to be about the survival of my soul.

3 thoughts on “Connecting With Self as Naked Soul

  1. Robert, first of we are happy that you and your wife can be in such a pleasant location this time of year. The inconvenience of the construction will pass quickly. That being said, the ability to be nude in daily life has become quite important for my wife and I. So much so that we are selling our very nice home so we can downsize. Plus we have purchased a lot at our nude resort where we will build a cabin/home for extended staying time there. As you said our nudity to us also has become “about the survival of the soul”.


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  3. Robert,
    Thanks for your short story and commentary about nudism at home. I always feel rejuvenated whenever I can spend some time naked outdoors; it’s pretty nice indoors, doing chores or relaxing after work, but way different from being out in nature. My wife is also supportive but not a participant in nudism. We manage a mini-storage office and live in the attached apartment. We don’t have a patio or other protected spot for nude gardening or sunbathing. And we work 6 days a week. So I wait for the rare Monday off when I can jump for a chance to hike naked. Few hikers are out there on a Monday. Wife can shop or watch TV or swim at the gym while I’m out there. The feeling is an amping up of my vital energy. Feeling strong as a mountain goat, I can climb a steep trail to the top of a small mountain without running out of breath. It’s exhilaration all the way, and then there’s the grand view to enjoy.


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